Ankya Klay

East Coast Australia

Grandmother, Artist, healer, on a life long quest for truth. Her path has been through migration, relationship, family and creativity. She shares her love of nature through photography and other art forms.

Meeting the GeneKeys Transmission in 2010 was a magical transformational moment in her life. Suddenly this Life’s journey all made sense and she felt she was finally coming Home! 

The Gene Keys have brought the many strands of her life’s exploration together in one place.

Ankya is an Ambassador of the Gene Keys and delighted to be here as a guide and support to you as you embark on your personal voyage through the Gene Keys Golden Path.  She lives in East Coast Australia, near Byron Bay.

Services Offered

    • In-Person and On-Line Sessions
    • Gene Key Gatherings and Guidance
    • Essence Photography sessions

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