Yolanda De Anddrade

USA / London / India

Yolanda lived in Holland till age 40 and came to California to study transpersonal psychology. Pretty soon she learned about the Diamond Approach and entered the Ridhwan school in 1989. She had a transpersonal psychotherapy practice for 12 years that she gave up when she became an ordained DA teacher, after many years of study. She has been assisting in teaching retreats and works ongongly with individuals upon request..

Currently she works with people from all walks of spiritual paths, on 3 different continents…. enjoying the diversity and beauty of different paths. The practice of in depth Inquiry allows the Truth to shine through in a myriad of colors and gems.

The Gene Keys transmissions has brought another enjoyment of working with this practice of Inquiry, which is a new and unfolding ….

Yolanda is a mother of two adult daughters and grandma of four young girls. She has a multicultural family and lives in California, USA,, London, UK and Tiruvannamalai, India, loving the exposure of the diversity of cultures.

She has also a masters degree from Holland in Pedagogiek (Education and Philosophy), and a masters degree in Psychological Counseling in the US.

Services Offered

    • I offer individual sessions, inner work that serves to help deepen the inquiry process as an addition to contemplation ….
      It also facilitates solid grounding and integrative embodiment of the transmissions.
      It includes learning and enhancing a sensory awareness and kinesthetic perceptivity to one’s body.
      The inquiry process is an unfolding, non interfering posture, that allows for the arising of the deeper wisdom and truth within.
      It is a tool to invite with a simple sometimes single question the activation of the inner wisdom / truths.

Contact – yolanda@globalip.com

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