Featured Wisdom Keeper

Dao Shr Suzy Balliett is a Medical Qigong Doctor, researcher, and author who studied in Nanjing, China. She is the founder of the Biomagnetic Therapy Association. She is an honorary professor of Bioenergetics at the Southern Australian College of Natural & Traditional Medicine. She is a recognized Life Supporter of the Southwest Acupuncture College. She is the first affiliate faculty in the Occupational Therapy Department at Colorado State University. She is emeritus of the Federation of Integrated & Holistic Medicine in Mumbai India. Her books include First Aid with Magnets, The Complete Guide to Biomagnetic Therapy, Daoist Mystical Mirror Crafting, Tara, Flash of Lightning: a Devotional Guide, Gestures of the Dao, and Daoist Liturgy. Dr. Balliett has studied healing arts for over 40 years, receiving Daoist Dao Shi ordination in three lineages, and has been given transmission as a Dharma Teacher/Lama.