The Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat

Deep Dive into Love with Richard Rudd & Tanmayo Lawson

Join Richard Rudd, Tanmayo Lawson, and our Deep Dive Hosts for our first Virtual Venus Retreat. This will be an epic 6-month journey into love, relationships and emotional transformation.

This retreat includes weekly live events and monthly contemplation themes, as we journey together step by step through the Venus Sequence.

“My Deep Dive experience in the winter and spring of 2020 made my heart sing. It was and continues to be, one of the most remarkable and expanding experiences of my life…” 

Introductory Videos & Interviews

The Law of Unseen Grace

Introducing the Venus Sequence Series – Part 1

Healing the Core Wound

Introducing the Venus Sequence Series – Part 2

Relationship Aikido

Introducing the Venus Sequence Series – Part 3

The Chemistry of One

Introducing the Venus Sequence Series – Part 4

Exploring Venus with Ronnie Landis

Live Venus Sequence reading with Richard Rudd & Ronnie Landis

Exploring Venus with Pete Evans

Replay from Live Interview with Pete Evans

The Next Big Wave

Replay from Live Global Coherence Pulse – Oct 17th, 2020

Venus Dialogue with Richard & Tanmayo

Replay from Live Broadcast October 7th, 2020

Death, Triggers, and DNA

DéJa Blu Podcast – October 2020

Registration Closes October 30th at 20:00 UTC