How to RSVP for Venus Community Calls – how many can I attend?

How to Register / RSVP for a Time Slot

To attend a Live Community Call, please complete the free checkout process for one of the available Time Slots on this pageIf you need to change your time slot commitment, you may return to this page and complete the free checkout process again.

Please note that ALL times of our live events are set to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). We will provide links when possible to help you convert to your local time zone. On each RSVP button below you can also see the time converted into a few common time zones. Please do your due diligence to check your local time zones for each live event.

We do understand that it can be confusing, and appreciate your patience and perseverance. We call this practice “Time Yoga” as it is quite a feat to coordinate so many people across so many time zones!

To register for your chosen Community Call Time Slot…

  • Double check your time zone and the dates of each month’s community call for that time slot
  • Add your chosen Time Slot to your cart –> View Cart –> Finish Free Checkout Process
  • You will receive an automated email and now be able to view your Zoom Access link, also accessible anytime via the Live Events Page

How do I change my time slot?

If you need to change your time slot commitment, you may return to this page and complete the free checkout process again. You may also let us know by writing to, so we can give your unused registration ticket to someone else.

If you accidentally registered multiple times for the same time slot, please write in to to help us get an accurate list for each community call, and open up those extra spaces to those who may want to join.

Can I attend more than one Community Call time slot?

We request to start with one slot, and commit to that time slot. Once we have given everyone the opportunity to find their preferred time slot, we will open up for another round of registration. We will do our best to provide ample space for everyone to participate as much as they want.

There are now other ways you can connect with one another for more sharing circle experiences throughout the 6 month journey. You can request to connect with others via the Community Forum & Venus Friends Cafe.

Perhaps you want to gather in a smaller group more often to share about your experience, or pop into the live chat room and see who you meet by synchronicity. The Venus Friends Cafe offers free one-on-one video calls, or you can sign up with for a free account to do 40 minute group calls, or unlimited one-on-one video calls. You can also use Skype Meet Now for free group video chats.