How do I navigate this retreat?

Retreat Orientation

  • Start by reviewing Module 1 – Introduction
  • The latest news or announcements will be available from your Venus Retreat Home Page. You can check back in on this page anytime throughout the retreat, and you can access it from your Profile Drop Down Menu –> Venus Retreat. This page will remind you which Sphere, Gene Key, and Line you are currently contemplating and a quick reference list to the upcoming Live Events or available Replays.
  • You will also receive weekly email notifications reminding you of the suggested contemplations and live events throughout the process
  • Take time in your day to pause, breathe, and tune in with the Gene Keys of your Venus Sequence

Your Monthly Contemplation

Each month you will be focusing your contemplation on one of the six Spheres of the Venus Sequence. Throughout the month, you are encouraged to read, watch, and listen to the resources provided in the step by step modules of the Venus Teachings.

For example, in month 1 you will be asked to review Modules 1 & 2 of the Venus Teachings and focus your contemplation on the Gene Key & Line of your Sphere of Purpose.

You will see a helpful reminder of what your unique Gene Key and Line are for the Sphere we are currently contemplating on your Venus Retreat Home Page. You can always return to previous month resources inside the Venus Teachings if you want to review, or take more time contemplating a particular Sphere.