Venus Friends Cafe (Chat Room)

For the Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat, we are introducing a brand new way to connect with others using a live chat room. The chat room has a maximum occupancy of 50 members at one time. We are still experimenting with this new system, so we appreciate your patience as we develop this feature further. Please note – not all chat room features are available for all devices and web browsers.

  • Pin / Unpin (Thumbtack Icon) – This function slows down the flow of the chat room so you can scroll and read at your own pace
  • Settings (Gear Icon) – Enable/Disable Chat Room Sound effect, Popup Chat Room for Private One-on-One messaging, Change Font Size
  • Logoff Chat room (Power Icon) – Leave the chat room so others may join, refresh to rejoin
  • Name / Profile Photo – The Profile photos are linked to your personal profile, you can edit or change your photo by using the “Edit Profile” function. Click here for more details on changing your profile name / photo
  • Private Live Chat – Click a person’s name to instigate a private One-on-One chat room, including optional audio or video call. Some mobile devices will not allow video/audio calls properly. You must enable your browser to use the webcam / microphone to use private audio/video chat.
  • Collapse Sidebar (Triangle Icon) – Open and close the sidebar window for larger chat room screen

As this chat room function is still in an experimental stage, we will continue to provide more information for troubleshooting as we explore together. Thank you for your patience.