What are the benefits of sharing the Dream Arc with my community or friends?

The benefit to your community:
The Dream Arc is a journey of communal consciousness where we get to meet countless other beings, both real and subtle, animal and human. Weaving the great eternal vision of unity, participation in the Dream Arc is designed to be shared, and is enhanced through meeting and making new spiritual friends and allies. Our love of nature in particular becomes the common thread that brings us together in service and empathic activism to Gaia. Here in the Dream Arc we have created an arena for the networking of multiple communities and visions rooted in shared values and universal truths.

The benefit to you:
You can share in the bounty of the Dream Arc through becoming an affiliate, where you can earn 30% commission from each sale. People will also learn about your contributions, and this will help you grow your own work in the world, knowing you’ve got the Dream Arc at your back and by your side.

To become an Affiliate, write to: affiliates@genekeys.com
If you’d like to become an Affiliate of the Dream Arc, all you have to do is write to affiliates@genekeys.com.

Let them know you’d like to be a Dream Arc Affiliate, and provide the following:

1) your username preference, 2) your email address, and 3) your Paypal email address.

Because the Dream Arc is hosted on genekeys.com, your Affiliate agreement will be with Gene Keys LTD. Though you aren’t required to know anything about the other Gene Keys products, you will still earn a commission on any digital sale made on the genekeys.com shop!

Once you are registered as an affiliate, simply login and visit https://genekeys.com/h/dream-arc-affiliates/ to learn more.