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Archive – 2021

Spirituality and Spiritual Ego

18 Traps on the spiritual path 

In this incisive monologue Richard Rudd uses the blade of lucid discrimination to cut through the many traps of the ego once it is involved in spirituality. Laying out 18 specific patterns that he has either encountered in himself or in others along the path, Richard approaches this little-discussed subject with gentleness and compassion.

Prosperity Replays & Resources

October Interviews with Richard Rudd

This month, Richard Rudd has been collaborating with some amazing people and various networks, exploring the themes of prosperity in preparation for the upcoming Pearl Retreat. Here you can find all the recent replays and resources.

Gene Keys Live Replays

Catch the Replays on Youtube

Over the last few months, Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys team hosted hosting weekly live sessions exploring the different themes of the Gene Keys Profile with our global community. Catch up on all the replays on our Youtube live channel and Subscribe to for notifications of future live sessions!

Contemplating Reincarnation

With Richard Rudd & Chris Bache Ph.D.

Free Video Series and Live Q&A

In these three unique and inspiring dialogues, Richard Rudd and Chris Bache explore the continuity of human consciousness beyond a single lifetime. Tackling an array of interlinked subjects emerging from this theme, these profound thinkers and mystics weave a lucid picture of the deeper meaning of life and death and the evolution of consciousness as it moves through the circle of rebirth.

Unlocking the Power of Belonging

Free Virtual Summit with the World Happiness Academy

Richard Rudd join more than 60 Agora Hosts and Guides from around the world this Saturday. Sharing wisdom and tools that unlock the power of belonging. We are looking for community builders with SOUL. Individuals with a deep sense of responsibility towards self-compassion and social impact. If you want to share your insights and actions, and to learn from like-minded people, this is the summit for you. Just through the act of registering, you already belong.

October 2020

Venus Sequence Interviews

Free Resources on Love, Relationships, and the Gene Keys

October has been filled with a series of richly diverse interviews on the subject of love, relationships and the Venus Sequence. Why not follow your intuition and pick one to watch!

July 2020

Dream Arc Solstice Meditation

Weaving the World Together – a dreamtime journey through the animal soul of Gaia

Available in HD Audio on Soundcloud, or Live Replay on Youtube

In this uplifting musical meditation, Richard Rudd guides us deep into the collective dreaming of our planetary spirit, hitching a ride on 14 of the great totem creatures of Gaia. Dreaming across cultures and continents, weaving a magical tapestry of diversity within unity, we come to experience the inherent togetherness of all beings and lineages. Each creature, from the eagle to the lion to the turtle, is a fractal portal to a living, ancestral teaching. When taken together, all these teachings point us towards a coming quantum leap in our evolution: the leap into Homo Sanctus – the sacred human. Special thanks to Entheo Music, Russell Feingold, and the amazing contributing artists from around the world.

May 2020

The Ecstasy of Silence – Cold Mountain

Free on Gene Keys Youtube Channel – Click to Subscribe

A wild Taoist hermit poet who lived at the borders of recorded history, Cold Mountain left his poems inscribed on rocks in the silent valleys of Southern China. Here Richard uses Cold Mountain as a springboard into the famed Rivers and Mountains poetic lineage of Ancient China. Framed by the haunting flute of Shakuhachi Master Adrian Freedman, this contemplation probes the depths of those mountain silences, out of which the earliest eddies of ecstasy formed. Deeply embedded with pregnant silences, this is a masterful monologue that drops one deep into the echoing silence of the heart of being.

Join live with others in the Gene Keys community to watch the premiere of Richard’s latest and final episode of the Ecstatics series. As the sun begins its transit into Gene Key 24 (Silence), you are invited to join our first youtube Premiere, as a way to gather virtually and share in group meditation. After the live premiere, the Ecstasy of Silence will be available to watch at anytime. 

Confronting My Own Mortality

Conversation with Rodrigo Nino and Richard Rudd

Live May 7th @ 23:00 UTC [4pm PST / 7pm EST / +12am UK / +9am Brisbane]

Rodrigo Nino is the founder of the Assemblage Community in NYC, creator of Akasha: the Game of Life, and dear friend of the Gene Keys. Join Rodrigo Niño and Richard Rudd, in a soul-baring conversation where they will discuss what it is to face your mortality with the clear knowledge that you are at the end of your journey. This discussion will leave you with an understanding of what it truly means to complete your Life’s Work and embrace the beyond with an open heart.

Gathering with the Russian Community


Live with Richard Rudd May 13th @ 16:00 UTC

[9am PT / 5pm UK / 7pm Moscow]

The Gene Keys Russia Language Hub will be hosting an informal gathering with Richard Rudd and the Russian speaking community around the world. Join live on Gene Keys Russia Youtube Channel to share in this live conversation on living in these turbulent times. This event will be translated into Russian, but all are welcome to join. Click here for direct youtube link. 

April 2020

Unify Global Prayer & Meditation Vigil

Live with Richard Rudd – April 4th @ 19:00 UTC [12pm PT // 8pm UK]

Richard will be collaborating with Unify during n the all day Prayer & Meditation vigil on 04/04. Richard will host a 30 minute session including a short transmission, q&a, and meditation, beginning at 8pm UK time. Join the live broadcast on the Unify Facebook page on

AwakeTV Interview – Genetic Consciousness

Live with Richard Rudd – April 5th @ 16:00 UTC [9am PT // 5pm UK]

Interview with Cayce Connolly, Geneticist and Ashley Lee, RN, BSNN, CCRN

Join this special episode Genetic Consciousness, featuring Richard Rudd. Airing on Sunday, April 5th, 2020 at 9:00am PDT on Awake TV Network for FREE viewing and free replay.

Wisdom Keepers Webinar: Collective Transformation Spread

Live with Rosy Aronson PhD – April 7th @ 20:00 UTC [1pm PT // 9pm UK]

Join Gene Keys Ambassadors Rosy Aronson PhD, Pam DeLeo, and Mark Bentley for a free webinar, using the Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck. Rosy writes, “If we’re going to not only survive, but thrive as a species, we’re going to need to learn how to honor and respect our differences, while acknowledging and embracing our interconnectedness. We’re also going to have to learn how to stay grounded, present and caring, even when we’re in the middle of an overstimulating, anxiety-provoking and mind-and-heart-numbing storm. Together, let’s invite in the Wisdom Keepers to help us navigate these challenging yet transformative times!”

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