One Unified Website – Three Areas to Explore

Three websites combine as one for a seamless experience as you travel between three distinct areas of engagement in the Gene Keys Universe – The Teachings Hub (Gene Keys Publishing), and The Community and Philanthropy Hubs (The Gene Keys Society).

Each micro-site is its own world with a specific function and set of resources, yet you only need to sign in once to cross through all three areas of You will see at the bottom of every screen a four-button navigation that enables you to travel quickly between Teachings – Community – Philanthropy & About the Gene Keys. Visitors may travel the site freely without signing in and can view all areas except for the Membership Hub in the Gene Keys Society micro-site.

For our existing customers, whenever you purchase a new book or course from Gene Keys Publishing in the Teachings Hub, or subscribe to membership in the Community Hub of the new Gene Keys Society, be sure to click the “Returning Customers” link to sign in before completing your checkout process. This will ensure all of your resources are found under one login.

Our returning customers automatically have access to all previously purchased courses, You can check your launch announcement email for login instructions. Returning customers may want to click here to view more what has changed from the previous version of

We have placed orientation videos at various areas of the website to help describe the robust set of features now included on Please be sure to watch these orientations or check out the FAQs. Our customer and member support teams are available for additional questions or needs.

The Teachings Hub contains:

  • The Shop – All products, online courses, audio files
  • The free Hologenetic Profiler
  • Richard Rudd articles and free webinars
  • The Living Library – A free interactive resource to explore the archetypal information of each gene key
  • Access to purchased online courses including The Golden Path

The Community Hub contains:

  • Community Forums
  • Membership Directory
  • Dare to be Divine webinar series
  • Continually evolving features for the Gene Keys community to connect

The Philanthropy Hub contains:

  • Gallery of philanthropic projects completed by the Gene Keys community
  • Non-Profit Donations for Philanthropic Projects
  • Articles and Webinars on Prosperity, Generosity, and Philanthropy

Returning Customers please review our “What’s Changed and Why” page for more information about your account.