Society Members should note that forums and messages will not be saved or transferred after the website closes. Members have until March 31st, 2020 to login to their account on and save any messages or forum posts for their own private records. 

Gene Keys Society Transition

Below you will find a list of new links or updates for resources and features from the Gene Keys Society website after its closure (April 1st, 2020)

Ambassador Program / Initiation

The Ambassador Program, now called Ambassador Initiation, will open for registration in August/September 2020. It will be a 9 month virtual retreat, taking place roughly between October through May 2021. More information about course price, payment plans, and registration FAQ will become available in May 2020. Subscribe to the Ambassador Interest mailing list below for more updates. The official launch of registration will also be announced on the general Gene Keys mailing list.

Ambassador Circle Pages & Directory

All Ambassador Circle & Newbold retreat pages are currently being transferred over to You will be notified via the Ambassador Circle newsletter when this content becomes available.

The Ambassador Directory will be temporarily unavailable. We will work swiftly to implement a similar global map directory onto, as well as new features that allow each Ambassador to edit their own directory entry directly.

The Delta

The Delta Program is currently under development, aiming for a summer launch on This newly updated program will provide new features for the online groups, contemplation resources, and improved user experience. For returning Delta members, you will find all of the Delta Teachings have been transferred and updated. This course will be added to your username so you can continue to refer to the guidebook and other resources. Starting April 1st, You will be able to access these resources here.

There will be more announcements via the Gene Keys general mailing list in the coming weeks, including how to register and participate in the Delta Experience. Stay tuned for the exciting developments of the Delta Program.

Scholarship Team & Contributions

Gene Keys Publishing will be launching a new Scholarship Program for its online courses, virtual retreats, and digital products. Elitsa & Jasmin will continue supporting the Gene Keys community by administrating this program for

We aim to deliver the finest quality products at very reasonable prices. However, we understand that for some people even these prices can represent a significant challenge. We will be instating the new Scholarship Application on April 1st on the page linked below. 

The Living Library

The Living Library has been reinstalled onto

      • The resource library for all 64 Gene Keys is now back and available to view for free
      • For customers who have bought the 64 Ways Audio Collection, you will now see the Audio Contemplations are directly embedded into the Library
      • For customers who have bought the Siddha Palm Mudras course, you will now see the Mudra Videos are directly embedded into the Library

Community Contributions could not be transferred from Gene Keys Society

      • Society members have until March 31st, 2020 to log into and save any of their posts or creative contributions for their own records
      • Communal forum / contributions feature is being developed for, but is currently disabled

Community Forums & Directory

Society Forums & Messages will not be transferred

      • Society members have until March 31st, 2020 to log into and save any of their posts or creative contributions for their own records

Improved Community Tools under development

      • New forum / messaging tools are being developed
      • New directory / map function is being developed
      • Working to bring all Gene Keys programs under one login
      • Improving user interface
      • Improving Support, FAQ, and Knowledge Base function

Changes, Improvements, and New Features will be announced via the Gene Keys general mailing list. 

The Pulse Calendar & Newsletter

The Pulse Newsletter will continue to be sent out regularly. The Pulse now includes a section “From the Synthesis” revealing a related resource from the extensive media library on To sign up, visit the link below.

The Pulse Calendar page will be temporarily down while under development. We are working to implement a new solution for the pulse blog / calendar onto as soon as possible.

Multilingual Matters Team & Mother Language Hubs

The Gene Keys are spreading quickly across the globe, with new translations and language hubs emerging continuously. Below you will find the current list of the languages and Gene Keys works available with many more in the pipeline. Special thanks to The Multi-Lingual Team for supporting translators and self-publishers in cooperation with Gene Keys Publishing. More multilingual resources will become available over the next year. We will share more news on the page below, as well as in Special Updates from the general Gene Keys mailing list. For those looking for a way to connect with others in your own mother language, this is a great resource hub of Facebook groups, affiliated websites, and contact information.

Welcome Calls / Open Community Calls

Welcome Calls / Open Community Calls will continue to be offered by Gene Keys Ambassadors

Special thanks to Momo and the entire Society Welcome Team, who have poured countless hours in service to supporting newcomers and fellow voyagers with weekly community calls. Gene Keys Ambassadors have begun hosting more open calls at different time zones, to support more people to participate. These Open Calls will continue to be available, and will soon be accessible through the link below.

Additional Member Resources

Email Inboxes & Login Support

Login / Username

All Gene Keys related programs will be available by using your Username and login information. This will be the only username / login you will need. If you need support in accessing your account or previous purchases, please contact

All email addresses will be closed down. Please use these addresses:

Please reach out to the Gene Keys Team if you require assistance in making this transition or have questions. They are available to support you in getting the most value from your Gene Keys experience, the Gene Keys website and resources.

Their aim is to promptly answer inquiries or forward them to the appropriate teams to respond. The Support Team is made up of a small number of people located in different time zones. They are passionate about serving the Gene Keys Community and will respond as quickly as they can, and your patience is appreciated.

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