A Voyage of Self Illumination

The Golden Path is made up of 3 courageous journeys that will expand your mind and open your heart to undreamed of possibilities. The Golden Path Program will change the way you see the world.

This profound series walks you step by step through your personalised Gene Keys profile, to unlock your life Purpose, your Relationships, and your Prosperity

'This course has set me on fire. It continues to be illuminating and I look forward to continued engagement, enjoying the adventure and the challenge. I feel I am living in an expanding, magical world through these contemplations.'
‘This whole Golden Path is not meant to be a mere transfer of information, but rather, it is a presentation where you are using all manner of channels to facilitate people's access to their own inner resources. It is not so much another "system", but something like a trigger of inner freedom. This really is what makes the Golden Path so special!’
'I am loving the first part of the Golden Path. There is such depth, truth and wisdom there to contemplate daily.'
'I can feel the mutation taking place as I listen....the Oneness of humanity, the field, the pause. It made me love life again....so I would say thanks to you for going thru the keys this way.....it is so much more than reading from the book as the designs together create the magic!'
'It’s fun, it’s full of life and vitality, possibilities, it seems easy, just lie back, listen, contemplate and watch.'
'I've never felt closer to answering the questions, Who am I and Why am I here than after contemplating the Golden Path.'