Help us beta test the new Triple Flame app

We have a new app coming out! 

And we would love your support in this first beta test! Please try it out this weekend and give us any feedback below.

What is the App?

This free app will provide a timer to gently remind you every three hours to take a pause. 

There are options to set which days of the week / hours of the day you want reminders and what kind of music, sound, or guidance you would like to hear.

Once you begin a pause, you can see if others around the world are pausing at the same time with you. 

There is also a rich library of free resources available to support contemplation and inspiration. You will be able to view articles, audio journeys, and video playlists from Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys. You can even click and view the current Pulse!

This app was designed by Adam Blazejack based on the teachings by Richard Rudd.

How to Install

This beta test is only available on iPhone. There will be an Android & Web version of the app available in the future, but our first beta test is only for iOS. If you do not have an iphone, we will let you know as soon as the android or web version is available

The demo requires “Test Flight” app on your iPhone. This is the official apple developer beta-test software. If you see “Redeem Code” screen, just click the triple flame demo link again. 

    1. Download “Test Flight” from the Apple AppStore

    2. Click this link to join the Triple Flame demo

    3. Open the app, go to settings and set up your notifications, and try it out this weekend!

    4. Read below about upcoming updates & how to give feedback

What to test

  • Test ALL Pause modes – Change the Length, Type, & Sound Options and click “Star Pause”. Does it change the amount of beings who are currently pausing?
  • Schedule Pause Notifications – Check the settings tab and set your notifications. It will default to all days of the week and reasonable daytime hours. Select your times and click Schedule Pauses.
  • Pause Notifications (Sounds & Push Notifications) – Once your pauses are scheduled, do they work? Do you see a little banner saying it’s time for a pause? If you have your ringer on during that time, does it play a harp sound?
  • Resource Section – does everything load, is it readable, is there a glaring bug? We will be updating some of the content design, but good to know if it works on all devices!
  • Any crashes, weird bugs, or noticeable errors? 

Updates & Feedback

  • We are updating the app soon with some important fixes & design changes this weekend. When there is a new update available, check the Test Flight app again and it will allow you to upgrade to the newest version available. 

  • Please try testing the app this weekend and see if you receive pause notifications at your chosen days/times. 

  • Keep your ringer on / volume on if you want to hear a gentle harp play to remind you it is time to pause!

  • Try out listening to the guided meditation, music, and om chant for the various pause timings available.

  • This is only version 1. We have more features and ideas that will become available in the future, but for now, we are testing the core functions of the Triple Flame app. Let us know what you think!

Give your feedback using "Test Flight App" or with the embedded form below

App Beta Feedback