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Clubhouse Rooms

64 Ways to Explore
the Gene Keys
with Costa and Ibi.
Explore the different tools
of the Gene Keys such as
the art of contemplation,
the Golden Path course or your profile.
Join us on the stage with your
reflections, insights and questions.
Tuesdays 10AM UTC - See Calendar For Link
Gene Keys
And Parenting
with Claudia, Jesse
and Elitsa.
A gentle space to
explore and support
parenting and self
parenting using Gene
Keys as inspiration.
Tuesdays 4PM UTC - See Calendar For Link
Weekly Pulse
with Jesse, Katreni and Ibi.
Contemplate the current
Gene Keys transits as we
move through the calendar
Share your wisdom.
Find inspiration.
Wednesdays 7PM UTC - See Calendar For Link
Gene Keys And
The Solar Plexus
with Claudia A Ciocirlan
& Daniel Holeman
An alchemical space
inviting us to explore the
Hara, the One Point.
Join us as we share
our stories of living
The Great Change.
Thursdays 6PM UTC - See Calendar For Link
for Grace
with Amy. Kiki, Sarani.
Share the real life issues
you are tackling right
now in a deeply
empathic and caring space.
Sundays 8PM UTC - See Calendar For Link
The Siddhi
with Richard Rudd
Amma Li & Guests
Join the field to cultivate
the essence of transcendence,
exploring higher states of
consciousness together...
Fridays 5 PM UTC- See Calendar For Link