New & Updated Features for Guides

Dear Guide,

We are delighted to announce a whole raft of exciting NEW features coming over the next few weeks, all designed to better support and nourish you, our Gene Keys Guides, who, together with our Ambassadors, represent the most committed group of people in our community.

Affiliate Commission – Increased to 30%

As a Guide, you already have the ability to use our Gene Keys affiliate system. By promoting our online courses (using a special URL), you can generate healthy affiliate commissions, which are paid monthly. This commission goes up from the 1st September, from 20% to 30%. Even more incentive to get the Gene Keys teachings out to your networks! We also feel this is a viable percentage to help you build a really strong business from the Gene Keys.

If you do not already have an affiliate ID connected to your account and would like to sign up, then please contact:

Wholesale / Bulk Purchase of Online Courses

As you are probably aware, we have always supported Guides to innovate with the Gene Keys teachings, rather than imitate what we are doing. As part of our ‘honour the source’ request, we wish for Guides to encourage their customers and networks to buy our online courses from If you wish to do this and package it up with your own offerings based on our online courses (for example you may wish to run your own virtual retreat or study group), then our new Guides Wholesale feature will now make this much easier for you and your customers.

This is how it works:

  • You can buy a quantity of our online courses at a discounted rate of 30%, equivalent to your affiliate commission.
  • In return, you get a unique set of coupon codes. You then give one coupon to each of your participants who have purchased your package from you.
  • This is a smoother process for your customers as they only have to purchase through you directly instead of having to buy from two places or use your affiliate link.

Please note: you can use either your affiliate link OR this new wholesale feature, the system will not apply your affiliate commission on top of the wholesale discount.

There is a new clause in your updated Guides Agreement which makes it clear that you are responsible for any registration and collection of taxes when you sell your bundled package or service (e.g., VAT or sales tax). 

We have a detailed page dedicated to this new wholesale feature where you can read more about how this shop works, how to access it, and additional guidance.

Learn more at

NEW – The Entrepreneurs Club

The intention is to create a self-organising support network to share our collective skills, wisdom and experience using and growing the Gene Keys in your business. At a time of growing economic turbulence, strengthening your business through collaboration is key to keeping it thriving. We will not be giving any form of professional advice in the Entrepreneurs Club. Rather, it is an open forum for like-minded people with an entrepreneurial spirit to find organic ways to work together using the Gene Keys.

Our first call will be to share the vision for the club and to meet each other. Here we have a short online questionnaire designed to hear more about ideas and initiatives that you’d like to share and collaborate around inside the club.

Participate in the survey at

Delta Guides Module

Recently launched for those interested in sharing the Delta

This module is available and free to any Guide who has fully completed the Guides Programme, participated in three rounds of the Delta, and has joined the Delta Fellowship.

We are excited to be welcoming more of you to this growing group of Delta Guides. For more information about how to register for this module, click the link below.

Learn more and register at

Updated Guides Licence Agreement

Important Updates to your Guides Agreement with Gene Keys Publishing

At the end of the Guides Programme, everyone is asked to read and sign the Guides Agreement. This forms the backbone of our licence agreement for you to operate as a Guide. This document has been revised by a lawyer and is now called the Guides Licence Agreement. 

Part of doing business in the current paradigm is dealing with legal agreements – something we not only accept, but honour as being a stepping stone to a different way of doing things in the future.

If you have already completed the Guides Programme and signed your commitment, please take a moment to review the updated licence terms and conditionsNo additional actions are needed from you at this time. If you have any questions about the updated licence please contact

If you haven’t yet completed the Guides Programme, you will be able to sign the newly updated licence agreement directly inside the course when you reach the final module.

Price of Guides Programme

Only applies to future Guides Programme Applicants

This won’t affect you, since you have already purchased the Guides Programme, but to help fund all the new features and growth of the community, we are increasing the price of the Guides Programme from $500 to $750. Given that Guides are able to generate income by using the Gene Keys (and we have several people who have already made substantial amounts of income), we feel the new additions represent a fair price. We will be announcing this price increase to the general Gene Keys community with 30 days notice, before going into effect on the 1st October.

As an affiliate you will be able to use your affiliate code to promote the Guides Programme, earning you 30% commission ($225) for each referral when the new price comes into effect on the 1st October.

You can learn about this upcoming price change with Richard’s recent update video here.

Branding Resources & Clearer Guidelines

Coming later in 2022

Having gathered feedback from our Guides community we are working to bring more clarity to the Gene Keys resources and materials that Guides are able to use, and how to use them ethically. We will also be expanding what resources are available for both marketing and facilitating events/sessions. This project is underway and we will share more as we update the resource library inside the course and your Guides dashboard.

Guides Map & Directory

Coming soon on

This interactive map will help our growing community of users around the world to see who you are, (with a short bio), and even know what location you are based in. This feature is now in development and will be shared once we have the process ready. It will be offered as a voluntary feature for Guides, meaning you have to apply and then ‘opt in’ to the directory to get listed. You will receive another newsletter with instructions once the Guides Directory is available.

Upcoming Guides Calls & Events

We hope to see many of you at the upcoming Guides Community Call and the first Entrepreneurs Club. We look forward to working more closely with you as all these improvements and innovations come into play.

Thank you for taking the time to review this big update. May we all prosper together!

The Guides Team