Introducing Grandmother Sasa - Swan of the North

Introducing Grandmother Sasa
Swan of the North

Dreaming the New World into Being

Live online gathering with Grandmother Sasa hosted by Dream Arc Creators Richard Rudd & Rosy Aronson

Grandmother Sasa’s treasure of ancestral wisdom and open-hearted practicality is the perfect antidote for modern life and the turbulent-yet-transformative times we’re living in. Come and listen, for her transmission is ancient, profound and filled with the breath of prophecy. As an indigenous elder, Grandmother Sasa is the fulcrum of many lineages and powerful traditions.

Come join us for this potent Solstice event, as Rosy Aronson and Richard Rudd (originators of the Dream Arc) come together to introduce you to Grandmother and hear some of her amazing story as she weaves together the celestial teachings of the star beings with the grounded wisdom of our ancestors…

Subjects we will touch on together with Grandmother:

  • The power of dreams and dreaming to bring about manifestation
  • The Prophecy of the future human
  • How to tap into the highest frequencies while staying grounded
  • Opening yourself up to receive ancestral revelation
  • The transformational power of the family

Rosy Aronson PhD & Richard Rudd
co-creators of the Dream Arc

Free and Open to All - February 10th at 8pm UTC

Local Time Zone:
2023-02-10 20:00 UTC

This event will be live via Zoom Webinar and available for replay within 24 hours after the event

The Dream Arc is a rich and highly unique journey designed to expand your creativity, unlock your intuitive wisdom and connect you to the deep ancestral power of the earth and her creatures.

Using a host of techniques that open up new circuits in our brain and body, the Dream Arc teaches us how to transfer information fluidly between the realms of sleeping and waking.

Through a series of transformative self-guided experiences based on animal symbolism, we learn how to root out hidden fears and unconscious blocks, so that the bright and powerful light of our True Nature can shine out clearly in our lives.

The result is an explosion of creative freedom and a new sense of living our life at a mythic level.

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