February 8th - 12th 2023

Gene Key 49


Reaction - Revolution - Rebirth

This week we meet Gene Key 49, whose highest purpose is to transform Reaction into the extraordinary environment of Rebirth. Join us as we contemplate and learn how to activate the Gift of Revolution. 

What do we mean by the term ‘collective awakening’? How will humanity be reborn? These are the questions that emerge from the 49th Gene Key.

Musical Meditations

We are pleased to announce Living Wisdom Volume 2 is now available. These musical contemplations are a tapestry of audio alchemy and poetic insights woven from the words of Richard Rudd from the 64 ways.

Meet the Community

‘May you all dare to be the person you were meant to be! Listen, and follow your emanation! And enjoy being part of the Gene Keys family, which is a blessing. Deep love to all.’

Richard Rudd at PAWA

If you didn’t catch Richard Rudd’s talk, The Algorithms of Awakening, at the PAWA conference in Paris, it is now available on our YouTube channel. Richard explores Unlocking the Genius in Your DNA, our changing times and the origins of the Gene Keys.

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