Using The Triple Flame App

A 5-minute guide to the Triple Flame App

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    The Triple Flame App

    Transform your day with the Art of Contemplation

    The Triple Flame’s pausing technique involves pausing for 3 minutes every 3 hours, alongside many people spread across the globe. Regular but short pausing will infuse your busy day with the contemplative state, which can be an incredibly enriching experience. Contemplate with others, and deepen your joy into the silence and beauty that we often miss in our busy lives.

    Download for free on iOS & Android

    Pause together with 2500+ weekly contemplators

    Choose your favorite practise schedule

    Fuel your pausing with music and guidance

    Live Stats

    The Gene Keys Community infuse their days with pauses, and Triple Flame App helps us to pause collectively. Below you can see the latest statistics from the app:


    On the pause tab you’ll find a beautiful collective pause timer.

    At the top, we can see how many people are pausing at that very same moment.
    At the bottom, you can choose between four modes of pausing:

    • Silent mode: for those who want to ground in the now
    • Guided mode: for those who want a soft voice to guide their pause
    • Music mode: for those who want to tune into the divine music of the seven rays.
    • Journey mode: for those who have more than 20 minutes to spare, and want to go on a journey

    All modes feature a 3, 5, or 10-minute pause selection, except of course, for the journeyers. Happy pausing!

    Triple Flame App pause music keeps on playing after closing your screen.

    Fun fact: about an equal amount of beings pause at both 3 and 5-minutes.

    Why Pause?

    In this short video, Richard Rudd shares the power of the Triple Flame pausing technique and how it can transform your life. Whatever you may be doing at these times, the Triple Flame invites you to spend these three minutes in a contemplative frame of mind. If you are able to physically stop what you are doing, then you can do so. If, however, you cannot physically pause your current activity, then you can at least continue what you are doing with an increased sense of self-awareness.

    Play Video

    Richard introduces the Triple Flame technique

    Schedule Your Triple Flame Practise

    A key aspect of the Triple Flame Teaching is regular pausing to an agreed upon three hourly discipline. With Triple Flame App you can schedule such notifications, and be notified with a calming chime, and an inviting Pause Quote, to tune within.

    In the settings tab you can schedule a triple flame practise in 3 simple steps:

    • Select your pause dayswe recommend selecting ‘all days’

    • Select your your pause hours

    • Press Schedule!

    The schedule button now should have turned grey, and will now function as a cancellation button. At the top you can now read “notifications scheduled”, which means the practise is good to go!

    Now, do you want to experience the synchronicity of Cosmic Time Pauses? Simply pause on double hours, like 10:10AM, or 1:11PM. In the Cosmic Clock Section, you can schedule up your week with these cosmic time punctuations.

    Learn About Contemplation

    Included in this app is a rich library of free resources from Gene Keys author Richard Rudd.

    It includes playlists of videos, audio journeys, musical meditations and articles on the Art of Contemplation.

    Take your pause even deeper with these enriching resources including:

    • Quick access to The Pulse where you can track the Gene Key of the Week
    • Musical meditations with collaborators:
      Entheo Music and the Living Wisdom Project
    • The Ecstatics hour-long journey episodes: seeking inspiration from both modern and ancient Masters of Ecstasy.
    • Inspiring video series and playlists by Richard Rudd including:
      • Transforming Shadows
      • Opening your Heart
      • Igniting Prosperity
      • Fragments of Light…
      • and more!


    Triple Flame App does not track you – we only collect anonymized data for counting up pausing beings, and for knowing how the buttons and content we’ve built are being used.

    All our data collection procedures are anynomized, and we don’t sale your data nor presence to anyone.

    Anynomized tracking is enabled by default, but can be customized in the settings screen. There you can also choose if you want us to capture your device information upon app crashes. It gives us a deeper insight into the nature of crashes. It helps us develop an awesome app, if you keep that option opened up!

    Troubleshooting Your App

    Getting Double Notifications?

    If you’re experiencing getting double notifications from Triple Flame App, eg: twice at 12:00PM, then it’s advisable to reset notifications. Press the “Reset All Notifications” button, to reset all scheduled notifications.

    This bug may occur when updating to a new Triple Flame App version, which sometimes causes previously scheduled notifications to not re-schedule correctly.

    Audio Not Playing / Missing Images

    Are you trying to pause or journey with an audio file, but the audio is not playing? Or perhaps there’s a missing image (empty space) somewhere in the app?

    A safe and quick way to deal with this, is by pressing the “Delete All Downloads” button. It will delete all downloads like images and audios, allowing Triple Flame to download them freshly. This error occurs when a download has been interrupted, essentially corrupting an audio file.

    Other Issues

    In case the above problems perists,  or something else unexplainable dares to surface, we have a last resort option ready: reset the Triple Flame App to its original settings using “Reset Triple Flame App”. It will also download all local files, notifications, and settings. After this operation, it’s advisable to force-close the app, and re-open it.

    Try to schedule or pause again, on your own time. If the issue persists, please contact us! We are very lovely people, and more than willing to capture your issue and fix it! A feedback form can be found a little below.

    Support & Feedback

    Are you experiencing bugs, annoyances, or errors using Triple Flame App? Do you have feedback, or ideas on how to improve the app? Either way, we’re ready to help you, and listen to your input!

    Triple Flame App Bug Report / Feedback

    Meet The Team

    Special thanks to all of those behind the scenes who helped bring this app to life. May your journey be deep and wild. May every breath bring you softly back into your heart.

    Thank you for using Triple Flame App!