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Three heart-opening events with Richard Rudd, Tanmayo Lawson, & Elijah Parker

Come learn about your relationships through the lens of the Gene Keys
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The next Venus Retreat begins November 2022

The Venus Sequence - creating safe and stable relationships

Using the 6 lines of Purpose from your Venus Sequence, come and discover how you are designed to bring the best of yourself into every relationship. Are you the Anchor, the Natural, the Adventurer, the Nurturer, the Leader or the Visionary? Or are you the Loner, the Accuser, The Escape Artist, the Politician, the Victim or the Judge? We each carry one of six possible archetypes - come and find out which one you are and how it either undermines or empowers all your relationships.

The Venus Sequence - 21 types of chemistry - sparks and triggers

Have you ever wondered why some relationships are so easy and others so damn hard?! Inspired by the Venus Sequence, we look at the 21 possible combinations of relationship chemistry in the human attractor field. Divided into 6 broad categories – Companionship, Passion, Adventurous, Romantic, Orbital and Karmic, you can see the precise nature of your chemistry with any other person, using your Gene Keys Profile. 

Submit your Relationship Profile Data

Richard, Elijah, & Tanmayo will randomly select several “Relationship Chemistry Profiles” to share about live on Youtube. Please fill out the Birth Date, Time, City, & country for both you and the other person. To preserve privacy we will not be sharing last names. 

The Power of Relationships in transforming the Collective

A prelude to the launch of our amazing global online Venus Sequence Retreat, in this very special event we will gather together our global community to invoke the power of the love as the ultimate healing force in the universe. When such a love is crystallised and focused into a collective global body, the transformation taking place in our relationships is greatly quickened. Come prepared for an experience as we journey together into the awesome meditation of the Sunless Sea. The first meditation in the Venus course, this is a mind-blowing, heart-expanding meditation you will never forget!

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Transmission by Richard Rudd & Tanmayo Lawson from the Venus Sequence
Soundscapes by Entheo Music – Featuring Vocals by Amma Li Grace