Looking Ahead in 2020

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Deep Dive into Genius

Live Virtual Retreat with Richard Rudd

January 20th – April 30th, 2020

Join Richard Rudd for a four month virtual retreat into your Activation Sequence. This live series invites you on a voyage of self illumination, to unlock the hidden potential of your Genius. 

Whether you are brand new to the Gene Keys, or a long time voyager, this will be a unique opportunity to journey together into the teachings live with Richard.

Registration open until Jan 20th

Live Solstice Meditation with Richard

Replay from December 21st, 2019

We are in an unprecedented time, in which our Winter Solstice is in alignment with the core of our galaxy, while the earth’s tilt is exactly in the middle of its wobble. Such an alignment will not happen for another 100,000 years! Join Richard Rudd for a special attunement to the energies of this solstice, as he guides us through the portal into an extraordinary decade that he predicts will bring change on a vast level.