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Seven Sacred Seals Open Call

Community Invocation of Grace

Join us November 22nd at 21:00 UTC

We invite our global Gene Keys family to come together and attune with the Seventh Sacred Seal on November 22nd @ 21:00 UTC. This will be the first of many gatherings around these sacred teachings of the Seven Seals, to be celebrated on the 22nd of every month. Come and find out more about the Seven Seals and learn how the power of Grace can change your life in miraculous ways. For those unable to attend live, the call will be recorded and available here.

Stream & Download the Invocation of the Seventh Seal

May this sapphire flame draw us further along our evolutionary curve. May it shine brighter within our bellies. May its purifying light shower its great blessings upon every sentient being here on our earth, Gaia.

-The Invocation of the Seventh Seal​

What are the Seven Sacred Seals?

The Seven Sacred Seals are a mystical wisdom that dovetails beautifully into the Gene Keys. Their primary purpose is to catalyse the awakening of the heart.  This is an amazing program with many levels and dimensions. It is original, inspiring, profound and can be a great comfort to us as we deal with the many challenges that life brings. Appropriate for all levels.