Opportunities to work with us - April 2021


Gene Keys Publishing is a small, but growing international business, working with our loyal community to share the Gene Keys teachings across the world. We are decentralised with no offices – all of our team work from home across many time zones. 

We are a friendly and team-oriented organisation and each of our 30 or so team members are encouraged to be proactive and take full ownership of their role, while co-creating a supportive environment for the whole. 

We are looking for a number of contractors (freelancers) with specific skill sets to assist us with implementing the Gene Keys vision of Synarchy, Syntropy and Synthesis (read more here). We have placed Syntropy (the art of giving) at the very heart of our organisation.

For each of these roles we are seeking someone who feels inspired by the Gene Keys Approach (Contemplation, Inquiry, Gentleness and Patience) and has strong organisational and time management skills and can work co-operatively to deliver projects on time and on budget. If this person is you, then you are someone who loves forging strong relationships – your excellent interpersonal and communication skills make you a great team player. You have a positive outlook, the ability to negotiate with ease and above all, a desire to be part of the Gene Keys global evolution.

MARKETING MANAGER (Digital) $20-$35/hour depending on experience, full-time (hours to be agreed) 3 month trial 

As the Marketing Manager for the Gene Keys business, you are a dynamic being who has great experience in marketing and is accomplished at getting breakthrough results. A key player in our media team, you are connected to all our other teams and so your genius as an excellent communicator will make your job a breeze. You simply love following a clear brief and budget, as well as creating marketing project plans for our books, online courses, PR activities and events (both virtual and physical). 


Experience and Skills

  • co-creating and implementing the marketing plan
  • crafting targeted campaigns and funnels 
  • building our social media channels and campaigns using the ‘minimum dose for the maximum effect’
  • managing hired-in expertise, such as SEO
  • holding our email list system (Sendinblue) to create specific campaigns
  • translating analytics & metrics to help us make informed publishing, marketing and business decisions 
  • nurturing our Guides, Ambassadors and Affiliates to expand our own network exponentially
  • negotiating deals with our super-affiliates (larger organisations) to gain exposure to their networks
  • updating our website landing pages with a design eye – no coding skills required
  • developing the Gene Keys brand to help us to clarify, strengthen and broaden our brand personality
  • exploring with the whole team new ways using the wisdom of the Gene Keys to guide the business
  • engage with a dynamic workload 
  • ability to prioritise
  • solid project management experience 
  • proven marketing experience and success 
  • social media literacy
  • copywriting – write and proofread succinctly and eloquently in plain (British) English
  • embrace technology like a wizard!
  • research skills – identify new audiences, test and replicate funnels
  • passion for analytics
  • have a sense of the Gene Keys Synthesis
  • sensitive to equality, diversity and inclusion issues
  • be self-motivated, clear with your boundaries and be playful
  • good with budgets and driven to improve efficiency
  • see the teachings from a ‘beginners mind‘ perspective

With your commercial acumen and ability to think laterally, your style of marketing (‘heart marketing’ rather than ‘hard sell’) reflects the attitude and personality of the Gene Keys brand. In this role, there is plenty of scope for expressing your creative flair while harnessing all our resources to help us get our message out to a much wider, global audience with the aim of bringing the wisdom of the Gene Keys teachings to the world. This is the ultimate joy of this role.

to apply – please use application form below (purple button)

PULSE TEAM MEMBER – $15/hour – hours dependent on our workflow

The Pulse is our newsletter sent out to our 60k mailing list. After some initial training, you will be creating new motivationals, quotes and contributions to post onto our social media channels. Experience in Canva and Buffer desirable, but not essential. Social media experience essential. 

to apply – please use application form below (purple button)

TRANSCRIPTION TEAM MEMBER – $15/hour – hours dependent on our workflow

Every video and audio that we produce needs to be transcribed (turned from spoken word into text). These are not only used in our publishing projects and video subtitling, but also given to our multilingual partners so that they can translate and produce videos and text in their own mother tongue. This enables the Gene Keys to really go global, in all languages. We use some clever software called Happy Scribe to get the basic spoken word into text, but it does need careful editing to make sense of it.

We are looking for a couple of people who would like to join our team, to be trained and available as and when we need them. You need to have excellent (British) English editing skills, be happy to learn new technical systems and love listening, reading and editing large quantities of the Gene Keys materials

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DESIGN TEAM – $20/hour – hours dependent on our workflow

We need to build up our team of dedicated creative technicians – or is that technical creatives? You will have good working knowledge of one or more of the following skill sets and be willing to learn more:

Typesetting – Adobe CC InDesign

Video Editing – Adobe CC Premiere / AE

You have incredible attention to detail and would simply love matching our book design to our house style. God is in the detail! You know (or are willing to learn) how to properly set up book typesetting using Paragraph and Character Styles – so we can easily and globally make changes to font styles in the future. You understand the print process and the need to be very organised and methodical. Typesetting, as you will already know, is an intense process that needs commitment to see it through.

You speak video fluently and are a technical wizard! You know how to make nips & tucks in audio & video to make things look smooth. Most of what we do is simple edits, including ‘top and tailing’, putting video stings / bumpers at front and end and aligning our video output to match our house style. You also have a good technical handle on video formats for different purposes. There may also be scope for some simple sound mixing, (music & FX under narration), working with simple motion graphics in After Effects and helping us run ‘simulcasting’ webinars (broadcasting video to multiple platforms).

Graphics – Adobe CC Photoshop & Illustrator

Website Content Co-ordinator

You can draw well, and have no problem following our house style guide, consistently maintaining and unifying our branding. You are quick to knock out graphics in specific technical formats for different purposes. When needed, you are totally up for creating new concepts to present to various teams, whether these are ideas for a book cover or new icons for the website, or a motivational for our marketing output.

You are very good at working with and accommodating the needs of a team. We often work collaboratively and creatively when it comes to design, though we make sure that there is a clear brief and that one person takes ownership of the project.

Our website is at the heart of our organisation. It is dynamic, with a lot of content which needs a lot of careful management – everything from the eLearning pages to marketing pages to blog content to general site edits. We also have plans to link the website to an app.

You are the kind of person who finds web maintenance thrilling. You have a design eye to help make edits, upload new content, and improve design layout of older resource content. You will be happy immersed in the world of WordPress Gutenberg and Elementor. You don’t need to have web coding skills, but will be very comfortable with web technology. You have an ability to keep to the house style as well as help define, refine and unify our style guide as we develop it. 

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EVENTS CO-ORDINATOR – $15/hr – hours dependent on workflow

Working in our events team as a key team player, you will be co-ordinating our virtual events (such as Deep Dives or Delta) as well as any physical events (courses & retreats). You will be working with our Events Team Lead person to deliver the events on time and on budget. 



  • flexibility
  • clear communications
  • logistics
  • scheduling
  • registration
  • co-ordination of hosts
  • running tech training sessions for our team
  • offering tech support to those who need it
  • scheduling Hosts
  • keeping record of replies and confirmations
  • coordinating meetings

You are computer literate, love spreadsheets, are a solutions-based person and enjoy the challenge of troubleshooting tech issues on the fly. You remain calm under pressure and are compassionate about supporting our team of hosts. Your excellent time and task management means you will fit right in with our way of working. You are flexible with working hours and are prepared to fit in with the many time zones we operate in (this may include working some unearthly hours of the night/morning and weekends!). 

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for all the above roles…

All hourly rates shown above are in USD $. There are no guaranteed minimum hours per week/month (apart from the Marketing Manager role) as our workflows often change, so we need to be flexible. If this approach seems like a good fit, you have some play in your schedule and would like to be part of the Gene Keys team then we would love to hear from you.

please read carefully…

Applications will close on Friday 7th May 2021 at 11pm UTC – we will then invite a shortlist of applicants to have a zoom call with us.

Use the online form we have created (purple button below) – please do not email us directly

You will need to be logged in through your genekeys.com account in order to complete the form. 

If you are not yet a customer, to set up an account, you can either buy something from us, or get the 23rd Gene Key for free here

Gene Keys Publishing Ltd supports equal opportunities – we welcome applicants regardless of age, disability, religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression.