Gene Keys Author’s Edition


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This beautiful limited edition of the Gene Keys is cloth bound and comes in a slip case with embossed gold writing and dragonfly emblem. Each volume has a unique dedication, poem or blessing written spontaneously by the author.
A wonderful keepsake or precious gift.

534 pages.

I have been involved with the Gene Keys for many years and it has literally transformed my life. I have learned not to fear intimacy and transparency. I have discovered my strength surfacing when I dare to be vulnerable. I have found my gifts rising up from the deepest of shadows, and I have even been inspired to write a book. There is no way I can convey the beauty of this transmission in words. Gene Keys have become a significant part of my daily life, because everything I need to know is there.


The level of satisfaction received from the Gene Keys is beyond words. It has been truly a liberating experiencing not only for me but for my clients as well. This book has added much depth, meaning, and value to my studies of psychotherapy and human design. It is re-programming, and creating new experiences in the world. I can go on and on but this is truly a “to each his own” journey.

YaSheeka (Coach)

This is the ultimate adventurous book. It’s not a book for reading and putting it back in the shelf. It’s a book to go back and forth, put it to the side, contemplate, read it again, forget it, read something else, come back to it, reread it, contemplate, discover things you have not grasped the first few times, on and on. It has become a very delightful journey.

One of my favorites is that the author points out again and again if if you read this book with the mind, it’s more and more confusing. This book can ultimately only be understood by the heart. The other favorite is to be reminded over and over, every Shadow, every adversity, every pain has a seed in itself called the Gift. This seed will always open up if we just pay attention and be with it.

The real adventure and promise of the Gene Keys is to live life fully and through the heart.