[Pulse] Gene Key 11

Current World Theme
December 14th – December 19th 2021

Gene Key 11

Obscurity – Idealism – Light

Idealism is given a bad rap in our modern world. It is seen as the opposite of realism, and realism is associated with the power of manifestation whereas idealism is generally seen as weaker. The 60th Gift of Realism however is actually founded upon a magical truth — that the only thing needed for magic to occur is some form of structure and an open mind. This is not in any way at odds with the true nature of idealism. What most people think of as idealism is really the Obscurity of the 11th Shadow that is unable to manifest its dreams. For idealism to manifest in the world, all it needs is a structure to manifest through. 

The Gene Keys Book

From the Synthesis

Packing Away the World

In this extended fragment, Richard Rudd uses a radical metaphor for our current trajectory as a species – suggesting that we are in the process of shutting down a whole way of doing and seeing things. Reiterating the prophetic essence of the Gene Keys, he invites us to align with this process of natural decline, still following our passions, but with our eyes wide open concerning the future, rather than assuming everything will continue as it always has. Bold and empowering in a counter-intuitive way, this view of our stage of evolution is actually very practical, as it gives us a new kind of purpose.

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