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To the edge of the wordless


You can buy all Richard Rudd’s books right here. His works are as inspiring as they are insightful, ranging from the pragmatic to the poetic. Companions on your journey, some offer guidance, some share Richard’s own profound and mystical experiences, and some illuminate a deeper spiritual truth accessible to us all.


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Our online programme allows you to adapt the wisdom of the Gene Keys to your own learning style. Our courses are inspiring, elegant and simple to follow, with practical guidance, webinars, audios, as well as texts and downloads for offline study.


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The truth lies beyond words. The many rivers of words you’ll discover here, within the Gene Keys teachings and books, all flow to the edge of the wordless. This is their sole purpose – to take you to the very banks of the eternal.


Together with The Gene Keys book, your Gene Keys Profile is a means of unlocking the enormous potential of your life.

Bringing together astrological calculations and the Chinese I Ching, your Profile is the original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate, and above all, why you are here.

For a full understanding of your Profile please explore the Golden Path Program — an easy-to-follow, guided journey of transformation that shows you how to apply this knowledge to your life.

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