Take a peak inside the Dream Arc this month with the Tricksters...

We are the Tricksters

We are the Tricksters. A raggedy bunch are we. We delight in turning things upside down. We revel in the unexpected, in the surprise, the shock, the irreverent. To us, nothing is sacred. We love to mock you, not to hurt you on purpose, but to show you the extent of your attachments and your seriousness. 

We come in many forms, some obvious, some less obvious, but we all come as agents of the Great Mother. We do not come necessarily to increase your joy or to make you laugh. Ours is a serious task – to initiate you. When one of us comes into your life, it is for the purpose of inversion – we represent the opposition – so if you are too relaxed, we come to increase the creative tension in your life, and if you are too stressed, we come to slow you down. 

The world is filled with tricksters – thieves, villains, rogues and charlatans. We come to show you the truth behind the veil – that all such beings and behaviours are here for our awakening. Whenever you are on the receiving end of such an energy, you are in fact, in the presence of a disguised blessing. Our job is to help you see this blessing and bring in its harvest. Be wary of us tricksters, for if you invite us in, we may bring chaos in our wake. We are the shaker-up-ers! We are your nemesis. We are the cosmic joke in animal form, and we are here to serve you at all times.

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Curious about the Dream Arc?

Using a host of techniques that open up new circuits in our brain and body, the Dream Arc teaches us how to transfer information fluidly between the realms of sleeping and waking.

Through a series of transformative self-guided experiences based on animal symbolism, we learn how to root out hidden fears and unconscious blocks, so that the bright and powerful light of our True Nature can shine out clearly in our lives.

The result is an explosion of creative freedom and a new sense of living our life at a mythic level.

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