The Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat Event Schedule

Deep Dive into Love – Live Events Overview & Calendar

Here you will find an overview of the live events scheduled for the 6 Month virtual retreat. Event times and dates will be listed in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). Below, you will find an interactive Calendar that can convert to your time zone, or you may click here to convert UTC into your local time zone. Please note that the retreat begins after many countries have changed between “summer/daylight” and “standard” times.

Live Webinars and Q&A Sessions broadcast on Tuesdays at 20:00 UTC [90 min]

These live sessions will be recorded and are available for replay within 24 hours

Community Calls take place Tuesdays & Saturdays (00:00, 08:00, & 20:00 UTC) [90 min]

Community Calls will not be recorded. Participants can choose one of the six options available to accommodate different time zones. 

Synchronised Meditations take place Tuesdays (00:00, 08:00, & 20:00 UTC) [60 min]

Audio Meditations will be available for replay and download. The same audio will be played at all three time zone options, participants may choose to attend one or more live meditations or listen on their own afterwards.

Calendar View

  • Check your Time Zone – Select at the bottom of the calendar
  • Download the iCal file to import the Deep Dive schedule into your own Calendar app (Google, Outlook, Apple, etc)