Zoom Privacy & Security Update

Please update your Zoom App to the latest available version

We have been monitoring the recent privacy and security concerns about Zoom Video Conference platform, as well as any platform or technology we use in our online courses and virtual retreats. We will keep our community updated with any necessary changes.

At this moment, Zoom as a company and platform has already made some important updates and changes to help address these concerns. You can read more about their recent changes and updates in Zoom 5.0 here. Or by their latest release notes here

At this time we will continue using the Zoom platform, now with password protected zoom rooms. Please update to the latest version of Zoom to receive the security upgrades they have provided for enhanced User Privacy. Please note, we will only send email communication about Zoom through our official genekeys mailing list. Any suspicious looking emails asking about your personal Zoom account should be double checked as there has been a rise of “phishing” attempts by hackers with the newly increased popularity of Zoom.

We will continue to monitor this situation over time and will update you with any additional information or upgrades as appropriate. We are also researching other options to provide our online community with the tools it needs to connect safely and securely.