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Unlocking Prosperity With The Gene Keys

Offering us a new alternative to chasing success in our outer lives, the Pearl sequence reveals the underlying simplicity of how to truly prosper in your life.

In this inspiring self-study programme, you will learn how to decode your Pearl sequence and liberate a new flow of prosperity all around you. This change comes about as you engage the innate lucidity of your natural wisdom and begin applying it to all areas of your life.

The Pearl sequence cuts through all our worries about not having enough, giving us a newer, simpler vision of our lives in which money itself becomes a means of personal transformation.

Programme Features

What You Will Discover

  • a personalised map of your Pearl sequence, to help you understand how prosperity naturally flows for you

  • how to transmit the essence of your Vocation with confidence and clarity

  • where and how you best fit within any culture, organisation and even society as a whole

  • how to embody your personal brand with power and elegance, both in business and in your daily life

  • how to distinguish between wealth (accumulation) and prosperity (flow), the former creating more stress in your life, and the latter creating more freedom.


  • 10 rich self-study modules with inspiring videos, meditations and contemplative tasks

  • Teachings laid out in easy-to-follow chapters, explaining all the components of your Pearl sequence

  • Your personalised Gene Keys Pearl Profile embedded directly into your course

  • 4 audio contemplations describing each of your Pearl Gene Keys

  • notes functions to track your course progress in our newly updated learning system.

Unlocking Prosperity With The Gene Keys

Are you ready to let go of success in order to find prosperity?

The Pearl Sequence - $180