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The Pearl Sequence

Welcome to the Pearl teachings. As an integral part of the Golden Path series, the Pearl shows you how to apply the Gene Keys, both internally and externally, to your everyday and working life. It is a profound contemplation of the true nature of prosperity, and it may radically change the way you view money and perhaps even what you are here to do in this life. In this programme, we will journey through your Pearl Sequence, a personalised map of how you are designed to prosper in life.

The Golden Path Series

The Pearl Sequence is a natural culmination of the Golden Path series. Though not required, you may find it beneficial to begin with the Activation Sequence & the Venus Sequence before diving into the Pearl teachings. If however you prefer to begin your Golden Path journey here, with the Pearl, that is also fine. You can always complete the other programmes later.

In this video, Richard shares a brief introduction for those who are starting their journey here at the Pearl. If you are new to the Golden Path teachings, this is an important and helpful resource to understand the basics of your Profile and its relation to the Pearl.

Bringing Contemplation into Action 

The Pearl is all about transforming contemplation into action. Although the Golden Path voyage is an inner journey of awakening, it is also designed to bring about an outer transformation as you learn to apply the teachings to your everyday life, and in particular to your working life or vocation. The three golden questions that ring out over and over again through your Pearl Sequence are:


  • What is essential to you in this life?
  • What do you want to spend the lion’s share of your precious time doing? 
  • What is the greatest service I can offer the whole?

We hope you enjoy the teachings of the Pearl, and that they will make a positive difference in your life. As with all our Gene Keys courses and programmes, you are advised to take your time and allow the wisdom of the Gene Keys to unfold in their own mysterious timing. The central technique at the core of these teachings is the art of contemplation, which demands patience and a sense of deep relaxation.

Contemplation is not a fast art. It is a wonderful, deep, lustrous, slow burn.