A rich and highly unique journey designed to expand your creativity, unlock your intuitive wisdom and connect you to the deep ancestral power of the earth and her creatures.

Using a host of techniques that open up new circuits in our brain and body, the Dream Arc teaches us how to transfer information fluidly between the realms of sleeping and waking.

Through a series of transformative self-guided experiences based on animal symbolism, we learn how to root out hidden fears and unconscious blocks, so that the bright and powerful light of our True Nature can shine out clearly in our lives.

The result is an explosion of creative freedom and a new sense of living our life at a mythic level.

In a world where fear and division are rife, the Dream Arc is a daily living practice that cuts right to the core of all our issues - bringing us into a direct and powerful relationship to ourselves, each other and the earth.

The online course that gets you offline
Many in our community can sense the intense changes in the world, as everything in life is becoming more digital. Whether it is stress, anxiety or difficulty sleeping, this disconnection manifests in different ways. Although online, The Dream Arc invites us on many quests and contemplations that take us out into the real world of nature. Doing this program, you will feel yourself connecting more into the world of animals, plants and planet earth - just as our ancestors did…
Right brain living in a left brain world
Voyagers of the Dream Arc are invited to navigate their subconscious through a series of self-selected Creative Quests - using your intuition to feel the type of animal that speaks to you. You may discover your connection to a Warrior or a Dreamer or a Trickster archetype, and you can connect with others exploring the same Quest as you through our dedicated community forums. The Dream Arc can be an incredibly personal journey, and it is an amazing opportunity to share and connect with others all around the world on a similar path. You may even find your own Dream Pod and dive in together!
Who is the Dream Arc for?
The Dream Arc is transformative yet playful, designed to enhance your intuition and face life's challenges with creativity and versatility. This course has been created for individuals, families or groups of friends. The Dream Arc can be done at your own pace over a few weeks, months, or even years. This journey is for both seasoned voyagers of the Gene Keys, or for people completely new to the work. It is for anyone rebellious enough to embrace a different way of thinking and who senses that a vast change is coming to our planet.

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime!
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Special Offer

Dream Arc Online Retreat

For those looking for additional support, guidance, and an experience of collective contemplation we invite you to join our upcoming global Dream Arc Online Retreat. With weekly live events and inspirational resources our online retreats support you step by step through these profound teachings.

This retreat includes both the Dream Arc course and new live events!

The four-month journey begins July 15th, 2024

Take a look inside...

The Dream Arc is the ultimate antidote for our troubled times, giving us a more magical experience of the universe, where we will learn:

  • That our world needs the balance of right-brain, intuitive wisdom to deal with the future
  • That our trauma can only be released when we can see it and embrace it
  • That anyone can learn to harness the power of their dreams
  • That our pauses are as important as our achievements
  • That a sense of creative play can resolve most of our problems
  • That a spirit of generosity creates the ripples of unexpected miracles all around us
  • That every creature of the natural world holds a specific message for us
  • That your body is a reservoir of timeless ancestral wisdom
  • That action rooted in empathy can change anything in this world
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  • An inspirational course that uses symbolic navigation to encourage an intuitive and deeply creative experience

  • Experiential Invitations that encourage you to stretch the boundaries of your perception and deepen your trust in life as a whole

  • Access to over 100 hours of inspiring videos, meditations, interviews and contemplation practices to explore at your own pace

  • Interactive Animal Codex with 192 entries, featuring artwork, guidance, and unique mythical descriptions.

  • Each person’s journey will be utterly unique, as you discover your own mysterious pathway through the 12 Quest Modules

  • Access to community features and events, including a private Member Directory & Forum to engage with others around the world

  • Curated galleries of inspiring artwork, music, poetry, performances and wisdom keeper transmissions from amazing contributors and Indigenous voices

Try it out with the Dream Arc Tricksters!

Click below for a free preview of the Animal Codex. The Tricksters are one of the 12 categories in the Dream Arc journey, here to bring us blessings in disguise. Come meet Fox, Coyote, Crow, and some of their mischievous friends in the Animal Codex. What truth will these shape-shifters reveal to you? Click and find out what the Sacred Tricksters have in store for you!

It takes a village...

We are so grateful to all of the amazing people around the world who have already contributed their art, music, poetry and presence to the Dream Arc

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Meet the Team

Watch the replay of our first Dream Arc gathering.

Meet the Sage

Richard Rudd

Richard Rudd is a father, a writer and an international spiritual teacher. Having travelled all around the world in his youth, Richard became interested in the spiritual traditions of all cultures, learning from many teachers and wisdom-keepers in a variety of traditions. He has a Master's degree in English and Metaphysics and is fascinated in the synthesis of science and mysticism. Apart from writing many inspirational books, as well as award-winning poetry, Richard is also founder of the Gene Keys, a system of personal development that has spread all over the world and been translated into many languages.

Meet your Guide

Rosy Aronson, Ph.D.

Rosy Aronson is an inspirational artist, author and teacher with a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy and a Doctorate in Intuitive Listening & the Creative Arts. Her life's work is to provide empowering tools and experiences for people to awaken their Inner Wisdom and bloom into their authentic selves. A lucid night-time dreamer and an extraordinary empath, Rosy has created many rich, fun and transformative offerings, including books, courses, art, film, various global philanthropic projects, as well as the globally-loved Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck. 

Meet your Fellow Voyager

Sally Middleton

Sally Middleton is lifelong deep voyager into the wisdom of the Body, its expression and life force. Having worked in the corporate world and studied in a wide variety of healing traditions, she now works at the heart of the Gene Keys organisation, where she is co-designer of programme and business development. With her creative flair and empathic relational skills, Sally is a catalyst for creating synergy wherever she goes. Her greatest love is for the earth, its creatures and humanity, and she has devoted her life to serving the great vision of bringing harmony and coherence to all beings.

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The Dream Arc - $300

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The Dream Arc prepares us for a new world in which reality itself is filled with living magic, where every creature is a living symbol of a divine truth that lives within us....

3-Month Online Retreat begins July 15th, 2024

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