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Thomas Christopher Haag

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About Thomas Christopher Haag

Thomas Christopher Haag was born in Wichita, Kansas into a family as vast as the sea. he took chemistry and math classes for some reason at the university of Kansas and then dropped out and started hitchhiking. He has lived in southern Mexico, Switzerland, India, Spain, the Pacific Northwest and the great American Southwest.

When he’s had to work, he’s been a commercial diver, propman, art director, low-volume smuggler, curator and gallery owner. He also once worked for eleven days in a dog food factory where they made Kibbles’ n Bits, but he prefers to paint.An avid muralist, both commissioned and not, he has painted buildings in Oaxaca, Barcelona, Venice, Albuquerque, Varinasi, Bangkok, Rangoon, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Oakland, and many other places, under the names “Detach,” “Stove” and “El Pituitario”.  He has exhibited with the likes of Shepard Fairey, Chaz Bojorquez, Swoon, Gaia, Slinkachu, Henry Chalfant, Mark Jenkins, Chris Stain, and Chip Thomas.

Using “reclaimed” house paint taken from chemical disposal facilities, found wood, and discarded books, he constructs multi-layered, collaged paintings and assemblages which reference ancient cultures and spiritual traditions, but with just a hint of smart-ass. Homages to criminal saints, a bodhisattva telling a fart joke, events of divine banality and cosmic significance, stripped of pretense or stuffed with it. either way, it is all holy shit.