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How to explore the synthesis

Like a diamond with many facets, the Gene Keys Synthesis is a labyrinth of wisdom in which every path can lead to a potential life-changing revelation. Before entering the labyrinth, we recommend that you first orient yourself by doing Step 1 of our popular Golden Path Program. This offers a host of free resources and is an ideal introduction to the Gene Keys.

Having oriented yourself with our free introductory materials, you can then begin to follow your intuition by clicking on the icons until you find a path or teaching that you resonate with. Each icon represents a facet of the whole and leads to a resource of some kind – it may be a course, a text, a webinar, an audio or a combination of all of these. Many resources are free. Below you will also find the same resources laid out in a linear style.

As you contemplate each facet of the diamond, so you will begin to grasp the holographic nature of wisdom itself, leading to deep clarity of mind and a gradual softening of your heart.

You can see from this matrix that the Gene Keys Synthesis is an emergent field of wisdom and is regularly updated as it is being revealed. To stay in tune with the very latest resources, please sign up to our popular Newsletter – Gene Keys Unlocked.

Happy Contemplations!

How to explore the synthesis

Like a diamond with many facets, the Gene Keys Synthesis is a labyrinth of wisdom in which every path can lead to a potential life-changing revelation. Before entering the labyrinth, we recommend that you first orient yourself by doing Step 1 of our popular Golden Path Program. This offers a host of free resources and is an ideal introduction to the Gene Keys.

Having oriented yourself with our free introductory materials, you can then begin to follow your intuition by clicking on the icons until you find a path or teaching that you resonate with. Each icon represents a facet of the whole and leads to a resource of some kind – it may be a course, a text, a webinar, an audio or a combination of all of these. Many resources are free. Below you will also find the same resources laid out in a linear style.

As you contemplate each facet of the diamond, so you will begin to grasp the holographic nature of wisdom itself, leading to deep clarity of mind and a gradual softening of your heart.

You can see from this matrix that the Gene Keys Synthesis is an emergent field of wisdom and is regularly updated as it is being revealed. To stay in tune with the very latest resources, please sign up to our popular Newsletter – Gene Keys Unlocked.

Happy Contemplations!

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The Activation Sequence

Discover your individual path to Genius. What is your higher purpose? What are you here to do and how can you achieve it? Your Activation Sequence is a perfect place to begin your journey into the Gene Keys through the lens of your Profile. A beautiful, illuminating course with optional printed book.

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The 55

The 55 is one of the most thought provoking, revolutionary, prophetic pieces of writing you will ever read. It concerns the current changes humanity is moving through and where we are heading as a species. Filled with idealism and poetic metaphor, but balanced with down-to-earth psychological and social insight, this is a transmission straight from the source. Here the whole chapter from the book is made freely available for your contemplation.

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The Advent of the Centaurs

In these 2 articles Richard explores the archetype of the Centaur, and in particular the myths of Chiron and Pholus. As a symbol of the wounded healer inside each of us, Chiron points us towards our suffering as a means of unlocking our gifts – a central tenet of the Gene Keys. In contrast, the myth of Pholus represents the drunken rebel, whose message is to tread with care when unlocking the higher currents of spiritual knowledge.

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The Art of Contemplation

The central technique of the Gene Keys. Listen to a free audio introduction and buy the book here. As you begin to learn and master the Art of Contemplation, your entire life will resume a new kind of focus.

As you learn the Art of Contemplation you will begin to experience the field of true prosperity. Prosperity is a living, vibrating field that unifies all areas of your life into a healthy, harmonic whole. And because prosperity is directly linked to freedom, as your breath deepens and you relax more, your mind will become more lucid and your decisions more certain. You will begin to swing into harmony with the spheres, engaging the power of synchronicity. Things may improve for you across the breadth of your life – relationships will become softer and more open, new creative currents will flow through you and fortunate circumstances may ripple through your life. It may seem as though a miracle has happened to you.

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The Pearl Sequence

How are you designed to prosper in life? Taken from your Gene Keys Profile, your Pearl Sequence lays out a precise map that will lead you towards natural prosperity. Find out your Core Vocation as well how best you are designed to operate; alone, in partnership, as part of a team or as a leader. Your Pearl also allows you to shape and define your true Brand – the exact tone and style that reflects your authenticity. An amazing course to expand the way you see business, money and the whole notion of work itself. With optional printed book.

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The Venus Sequence

Change your view of relationships forever. There are no teachings anywhere that come close to the Venus Sequence as far as understanding how your heart works. A personalised map of the patterns, imprinted at birth, that rule your relationships. Working off your Gene Keys Profile, your Venus Sequence shows you precisely how your emotional and mental defences operate, and how to dismantle them so that your heart can feel safe and open in any situation. A life changing course – with optional printed book.

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The Glossary of Empowerment

Unlike any other glossary you’ve ever come across, this is designed as a transformational tool in its own right. Each word in the Gene Keys contains an empowerment. As you contemplate them together, so they open up pathways in your inner being, leading to a state of great vision and clarity.

Download the PDF, peruse the definitions, or explore the video transmissions on each term by Richard Rudd.

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The Gene Keys Ambassador Program

Are you interested in impacting the world with the Gene Keys?

A Gene Keys Ambassador is a creative catalyst whose role is to host the wild wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission. This is a role that requires deep surrender, emotional maturity and self awareness. The Ambassador Circle is a strong global fellowship of such people from all walks of life. To become a part of this circle is therefore to embark on a powerful inner journey in which you will be supported by the ever-strengthening bonds of friendship and trust.

Ambassadors range from those who host events, create products, offer Gene Keys related services or want to share the Gene Keys with new audiences.

The Ambassador Program is a nine-month online intensive that empowers you in every way possible to share the Gene Keys wisdom with the world. Ambassadors need to have purchased and completed the entire Golden Path Program and have studied the Gene Keys for a minimum of 18 months.

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The Corpus Christi

One of the spiritual pillars of the Gene Keys Synthesis, the Corpus Christi is the complete science of the ‘Rainbow Body’ — the true underlying nature of all human beings. The Corpus Christi is a synthesis of transmissions, teachings and techniques that underpins the 64 Gene Keys. Representing the higher ‘Mystery School’ teachings of the Gene Keys, it includes the teaching of the Seven Seals, the Seven Sacred Bodies and the Nine Initiations.

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The Ecstatics

The Ecstatics is a series of beautiful monologues set to music, exploring the life and work of some of the greatest saints, poets and mystics of all time. In this time of uncertainty and change, these are the people we should be listening to most intently – their message is the clearest and most vital there has ever been.

‘The Ecstatics really hits home. I feel like it’s a history lesson, a heart tuning, a still moment, all in one, through the eyes of an ecstatic coming alive inside me. Magical and captivating.’

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The Spectrum of Consciousness

Central to the Gene Keys Synthesis, the Spectrum of Consciousness is the linguistic map that you can use to reprogram your entire worldview and ultimately imprint your DNA with a high frequency that will expand your awareness and open your heart. Constructed out of three frequency ‘bands’ known as the Shadow, the Gift and the Siddhi, the spectrum makes the Gene Keys simple to understand, contemplate and ultimately embody.

Download the Spectrum and use it alongside the book – as an oracle, a reference or a mirror of your current emotional/mental state.

The Spectrum of Consciousness offers you a great secret – the transformation of a lower state into a higher state.

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The Epiphany Experience

Awaken the power of Awe in your life with this inspiring online course.

The Epiphany Experience is an ideal introduction to the Gene Keys – where they come from, how they work and how to apply them to your life. Uniting the power of contemplation, illumination and discourse the Gene Keys Epiphany Experience is designed to create the maximum impact possible in your life in a short space of time. Recorded during a live 2 day Epiphany course with Richard Rudd, you get access to these digital resources: 6 videos, supporting handouts, a recorded Q & A session, and the ‘Invocations’ audios Featuring Music by Entheo.

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Integral Human Design

Are you already interested in Human Design? If so, you may find these free resources fascinating.

During a 7-year period between 1997 and 2004 Richard Rudd studied and taught the Human Design System with founder Ra Uru Hu. Much of this knowledge was integrated to become the foundation of the Gene Keys. Working with Werner Pitzal, Richard then combined these 2 different streams into a more transcendent view using both systems. This became Integral Human Design – a powerful way of using the Gene Keys Spectrum of Consciousness in the Human Design Bodygraph.

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Transforming the Shadow

What do we mean when we refer to our ‘Shadow’? How do we go about transforming it? These free resources help you to understand these vital questions that underpin the Gene Keys Synthesis.

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Homo Sanctus - the Sacred Human

For centuries, the sages have spoken of a new ‘Sixth’ race of humans that will supersede our current homo sapiens. In these resources Richard Rudd explores this shift in consciousness and what it will take for us to prepare the ground for Homo Sanctus to arrive. We are entering a new epoch in which fully grounded spiritual embodiment will become the norm. This is prophetic information that may still be ahead of its time for the majority of humanity, but for those who feel a resonance to the heart of the Gene Keys, this may well feel like coming home.

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The 64 Ways

Imbibe the Gene Keys as a beautiful audio transmission. Listening to  wisdom is very different from reading about it. Sound allows you to bypass the cognitive functions of the brain and take the higher frequencies of the Gene Keys right into the heart of your cells and their DNA.

The 64 Ways are potent oral transmissions of each Gene Key recorded by Richard Rudd. Offering a different perspective from the Gene Keys book, these audios are spoken in a simple, contemplative style and blend practical advice drawn from Richard’s life, as well as poetic insight and gentle humour to probe the depths and dilemmas of the Gene Keys.

These audio transmissions have also been transcribed and edited to form an elegant book of the author’s personal contemplations on the Gene Keys.

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Philos Anthropos

Philos Anthropos refers to the essence of what it means to be human – to love others and to be generous.

At the core of the Gene Keys teachings lies a profound spirit of generosity whose rewards are vast and exciting. As the highest expression of human virtue, Philos Anthropos invites you to use your creative genius alongside others in your community to help resolve specific issues you feel passionate about.

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Fragments of Light

Fragments of Light is Richard Rudd’s very popular free video series. These are intimate early-morning whispers of truth from the founder of the Gene Keys. Hear what’s moving through Richard’s heart and mind each week. These are available both on our Youtube channel and Vimeo, and are posted regularly in the Gene Keys Global Facebook page, where they evoke much interesting discussion and comment.

Enjoy this free Series
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Spirituality and...

In this new webinar series, Richard Rudd contemplates some of the more controversial and edgy subjects connected to spirituality. Sometimes provocative but always gentle and lucid, Richard tackles these sometimes challenging contemplations in his usual wise and open-hearted manner…

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The Seven Sacred Seals

The Seven Sacred Seals are a mystical wisdom that dovetails beautifully into the Gene Keys. Their primary purpose is to catalyse the awakening of the heart. This is an amazing program with many levels and dimensions. It is original, inspiring, profound and can be a great comfort to us as we deal with the many challenges that life brings.

This is an astonishing and profound work, not really for the spiritual tourist. Take time, read the associated gene keys, perhaps dwell on each seal for two weeks or more. It’s beautiful and rewards contemplation, deep and serious consideration. Richard Rudd is a poet, and the invocations all framed in mystical and yet nature inspired descriptions, which are so vivid and real that it is easy to get caught up in the visualisations. One may even attain insights, epiphanies, perhaps steps towards enlightenment with this practice!

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The Interviews

Over the years, Richard Rudd has done many interviews with a wide variety of hosts. Here you can explore the hugely varied way in which Richard introduces the Gene Keys as he dips and dives into the Gene Keys wisdom to elucidate and inspire.

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The Hologenetic Profile

What is the Hologenetic Profile? How does it work? What can it show you? Here you can find answers to many of your questions about the Profile, as well as its background and mythology.

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The Star Pearl Matrix

Part 4 of the Golden Path, this Expansion adds a new layer to the Pearl, while simultaneously giving rise to a whole new system of self analysis and prosperity management. Coming soon.

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Human Design and the Gene Keys

The Gene Keys owes much to The Human Design System, which was transmitted by Ra Uru Hu between the years 1987 and 2012. Richard Rudd was a senior teacher of Human Design who brought the system to the UK and set up a school training many students. Here you can find a rich library of projects and resources by the leading lights exploring the interface between the Gene Keys and Human Design. Also here are Richard’s own books and a treasury of free articles and writings from his Human Design years.

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Siddha Palm - the mystic science of mudras

The Gene Keys offer many avenues for the embodiment and grounding of wisdom onto the physical plane. The Siddha Palm teachings connect the ancient science of mudras – sacred hand positions – to the Gene Keys. Through the 64 hand positions you can directly access the highest essence of each Gene Key – known as its Siddhi. This extremely potent form of hand yoga bypasses the mind and sets up biogenetic resonance in the subtle fields surrounding our body. 

Using the Siddha Palm techniques, your hands become a tuning fork for any specific frequency, whether it be Stillness, Ecstasy, Forgiveness or any other Gene Key. You can also practise any of the mudras relating to your Profile, as well as moving through magical sequences which can shift your inner state instantly, bringing balance, health and heightened awareness.

Choose a mudra, perform it every day for a week and you will see a miracle growing before your very eyes.

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The Dream Arc

Do you feel an affinity with a particular animal, bird or other creature?

Have you ever dreamed of an animal, and did you realise that it signifies a highly specific gift that your unconscious is trying to release into your life? Each human being has a unique inner pantheon of creatures that represent the deep healing processes within our psyche. These animal codes tend to surface both in our waking life and in our dreams.

The Dream Arc Totem Codex will guide you through this incredible inner wilderness by aligning every Shadow, Gift and Siddhi of each Gene Key to a creature from the underworld, mammal and bird realms. To work with the Dream Arc system is to begin a lifetime’s journey of accessing deep core visionary information from the collective unconscious. It is an intuitive knowledge that is consistently unveiled through dreams and altered states.

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The Crystal Alphabet

Re-interpreting the lost language of Minerals, Crystals and Gems

This extraordinary transmission reveals a lost ancient art – Astro-lapidology – the study of the archetypal correspondences between the movements of celestial bodies and the elemental world of minerals.

Consisting of a base alphabet of 99 minerals and stones, the Crystal Alphabet offers a complete system for the creation of powerful amulets personally designed to work with specific forces within someone’s DNA. Amulets can be created to draw out certain qualities within a person’s aura and can be used for a huge variety of purposes, both practical and magical. More than this, the Crystal Alphabet is a teaching that brings human awareness right down into the very densest forms of matter, into the heart of the earth.

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Dare to be Divine

A journey into the infinite potential hidden inside you

This 4-part online program offers a unique insight into the true magical roots of the universe. Richard Rudd takes us on a guided journey through the 64 expressions of enlightened consciousness and reveals a vast view of the true potential of humanity. Using his mystical, poetic insight, Richard shows us the many facets of enlightenment in its varied colours, expressions and hues, from the wildest states of miraculous God-intoxication to the humblest lives of service and silence. Dive in and swim in the frequencies!

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One of the primary impulses of the Gene Keys Synthesis is to reshape and beautify language in order that it can carry a higher frequency. Here, in the form of writings and audios, you will find varied poetic expressions and explorations of the Gene Keys. Open your heart and let these words soften your heart and open your mind.

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Terma, Tertons and Transmission

At the heart of the Gene Keys is a living stream of wisdom. We call this a ‘transmission’ because it passes mysteriously from person to person and is also embodied in the energy field of the teachings themselves. The Tibetans call this kind of wisdom ‘terma’, meaning ‘treasure’, and those who are destined to reveal it are known as ‘Tertons’.

The mystery of Terma and Tertons is a fascinating and magical realm. Here you can hear more of this mystical story from Richard Rudd, the transmission-holder of the Gene Keys. Here he also shares insights from his own journey as a ‘householder yogi’ and reveals how the Gene Keys is like a collective terma with multiple Tertons. If you feel a very deep resonance with the Gene Keys and it speaks through you in some magical way, you yourself may have a destiny with this transmission.

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The Gene Keys Book

Since its publication in 2009, the Gene Keys book has continued to inspire people all around the world. Rooted in the same code as DNA it is a book that uncannily talks to our DNA. Many people report having powerful experiences from reading and contemplating the Gene Keys book. If you are new to the Gene Keys, you may wish to use the book in combination with the Golden Path Program and your Profile. These 3 tools together create a potent transformation that is undeniable.

Here you can listen to the introduction to the book read by the Author, as well as purchase the rare Author’s edition or the new Audiobook read by Jennifer Dixon.

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The Gene Keys Living Library

As a system of universal correspondences, each of the 64 Gene Keys is an encyclopaedia of insight, information and revelation. Come and explore this amazing free interactive library of every Gene Key. Explore each Gene Key and its relationship to the I Ching, astrology, Human Design, genetics, the Codon Rings as well as its corresponding animal, bird and mineral.

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The Archive

The Archive is a storehouse for all resources that do not fall into any obvious category. It ranges from beginner materials to advanced. Includes articles, audios and videos. Enjoy exploring!

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Living Wisdom - musical meditations

Listen to The Gene Keys set to beautiful, haunting music. Created by musical genius Entheo and Phutureprimitive, this growing collection of exquisite soundtracks are designed to help you take in the Gene Keys wisdom entirely using the right brain. Extracts are taken from the 64 Ways audios. One of the most popular ways of contemplating the Gene Keys.

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The Delta

The Delta is an incredible new experiment that challenges human beings to take our next great evolutionary step – into the full flowering of collective consciousness. Imagine a game that you play within your life, that accelerates your evolution, that touches the essence of your soul, leaving you stronger, wiser and with a whole new vision for what’s possible in our world…This game is changing lives. Come play!

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Wisdom Keepers

The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck and Books, written by Creative Partner Rosy Aronson Ph.d., are empowering tools of self-acceptance and understanding. They offer us a playful way to embrace our shadows with love, face adversity with courage and uncover the gifts that only we can bring to the world.

The 64 Faces of Awakening (and the writing in the Wisdom Keepers Inner Guidebook) are deeply connected to Richard Rudd’s visionary book the Gene Keys, and are incarnations of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, and the archetypal themes at the foundation of our universe.

Explore the Oracle Deck and other offerings by Rosy on her website

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Astrology and Gene Keys

“In the great wheeling arc of the 64 Gene Keys, every Gene Key has an exact position in relationship to the cosmos and thus filters the cosmic stream as it enters our planetary system.” – Gene Key 11

The synthesis between the I Ching and Western Astrology compose the primary coordinates for the Gene Keys Transmission.  The hexagrams of the I Ching are the fundamental 64 genetic archetypes that make up the Gene Keys, and their overlay onto the Astrological wheel gives the Gene Keys context into our personal lives. Click below to learn more about the role of Astrology in the Gene Keys.

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As the heart of a new universal synthesis, The Gene Keys is an ever-expanding language of timeless truth revealed though the art of contemplation. Enjoy the nourishment of their living wisdom and sustain your journey of self-enquiry though this extensive collection of free audio and visual resources, yours to share as widely as you wish…

2 February 2021

Your Beautiful Mind

Richard Rudd unravels some startling insights about the way the mind is programmed by the language we use, and how we are either trapped or…

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22 January 2021

Contemplations on Sacrifice

In this 3 part video series, Richard Rudd contemplates Gene Key 19, which moves from Co-Dependence to Sacrifice, and is the pathway of Sensitivity. You…

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31 October 2020

Venus Videos & Interviews

Free Resources on Love, Relationships, and the Gene Keys October has been filled with a series of richly diverse interviews on the subject of love, relationships…

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29 September 2020

The Holy Incantation of Solace

In this video Richard shares about the Incantation of Solace, how to form each of the mudras, and what to visualize during the practice.

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31 July 2020

Living Wisdom – musical contemplations of the Gene Keys

We are proud to announce the album release ‘Living Wisdom, Vol. 1’ which has been written in collaboration with Entheo and Phutureprimitive. This is an artistic project utilising clips of Richard Rudd from the 64 Ways audio collection. ‘Living Wisdom, Vol. 1’ is the first of 16 Volumes which will eventually encompass all 64 Gene Keys. These journeys are artistic remixes of Richard’s original 64 Ways contemplations.

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20 June 2020

June Solstice – Gaia Meditation

Weaving the World Together A dreamtime journey through the animal soul of Gaia Available in HD Audio on Soundcloud, or Live Replay on Youtube Gene Keys ·…

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1 June 2020

The Rebirth Sequence

Preparation for Dying Richard Rudd introduces a beautiful new iteration of the Gene Keys Activation Sequence – the Rebirth Sequence – a description of the…

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28 April 2020

The Ecstasy of Silence

Cold Mountain A wild Taoist hermit poet who lived at the borders of recorded history, Cold Mountain left his poems inscribed on rocks in the…
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31 January 2020

The Coming of the Ice Moon

A fascinating article on the power of the seed-time between Christmas and February. Here Richard Rudd reveals the true timing of the New Year towards the end of January and shows how to build a powerful practise in which our entire year to follow is seeded during this time. Practical, yet magical, for anyone who wishes to be the architect of their own lives…

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26 November 2019

7 Myths about Money

One of the clearest descriptions you may ever read concerning what prosperity is and how to attain it. Richard Rudd distils some eternal truths about the difference between wealth and prosperity. Practical and perhaps even life-changing, these insights may change the way you see the world…

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