Live Events

Unify Global Prayer & Meditation Vigil

Live with Richard Rudd – April 4th @ 19:00 UTC [12pm PT // 8pm UK]

Richard will be collaborating with Unify during n the all day Prayer & Meditation vigil on 04/04. Richard will host a 30 minute session including a short transmission, q&a, and meditation, beginning at 8pm UK time. Join the live broadcast on the Unify Facebook page on

AwakeTV Interview – Genetic Consciousness

Live with Richard Rudd – April 5th @ 16:00 UTC [9am PT // 5pm UK]

Interview with Cayce Connolly, Geneticist and Ashley Lee, RN, BSNN, CCRN

Join this special episode Genetic Consciousness, featuring Richard Rudd. Airing on Sunday, April 5th, 2020 at 9:00am PDT on Awake TV Network for FREE viewing and free replay.

Wisdom Keepers Webinar: Collective Transformation Spread

Live with Rosy Aronson PhD – April 7th @ 20:00 UTC [1pm PT // 9pm UK]

Join Gene Keys Ambassadors Rosy Aronson PhD, Pam DeLeo, and Mark Bentley for a free webinar, using the Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck. Rosy writes, “If we’re going to not only survive, but thrive as a species, we’re going to need to learn how to honor and respect our differences, while acknowledging and embracing our interconnectedness. We’re also going to have to learn how to stay grounded, present and caring, even when we’re in the middle of an overstimulating, anxiety-provoking and mind-and-heart-numbing storm. Together, let’s invite in the Wisdom Keepers to help us navigate these challenging yet transformative times!”

Past Events

The Great Change – Live Equinox Meditation

Broadcast live on March 21st @ 20:00 UTC

Join Richard for a special equinox meditation that will prepare and empower us to rise up and meet the great challenges that lie before humanity. As the Coronavirus spreads, so we are finally beginning what Richard calls ‘the time of the Great Change’ – a transitionary period marked by many trials, in which humanity and our whole planet will be transformed into a higher version of itself. Richard will also share a new mudra, whose primary purpose is to help us harness the great potential that abounds during times of crisis.

Meditation Journey Soundtrack by Theo Grace of Entheo Music – Featuring Adrian Freedman & the Bulgarian Female Choir “Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares”. Headphones recommended.

Below are links to the HD Audio meditation and the transcript translated into several languages. Special thanks to our global Gene Keys community for coming together at this time.