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The Venus Sequence Virtual Retreat

Deep Dive into Love with Richard Rudd & Tanmayo Lawson

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6 Month Virtual Retreat – Begins November 2nd, 2020

Join Richard Rudd, Tanmayo Lawson, and the Deep Dive Hosts for our first Virtual Venus Retreat. This will be an epic 6-month journey into love,  relationships and emotional transformation. This retreat includes weekly live events and monthly contemplation themes, as we journey together step by step through the Venus Sequence. Clear your plate and prepare yourself for this life-changing adventure.

Global Coherence Pulse

The Next Big Wave

Relationships as a Path to Awakening

Replay from October 17th

Richard and Tanmayo will share the power of using our relationships as a direct path for spiritual awakening. By clarifying and transforming our own wounding patterns through contemplation of our shadows and gifts we naturally come into our heart, and more importantly into coherence with self and others. This 2-hour event includes a presentation, live music and a synchronized Global Coherence Pulse Meditation. Join us as we Pulse the Planet with Heart-Centered Coherence!

Hosted by: Global Coherence PulseFeatured Heartist: Entheo

Venus Dialogue with Richard & Tanmayo

Using your relationships as a path to higher consciousness

Replay from October 7th Live Stream

Leading into their epic 6-month Virtual Retreat beginning next month, Tanmayo Lawson and Richard Rudd discuss the Venus Sequence, a unique Profile based on the Gene Keys, which describes with stunning accuracy the exact genetic patterns of conditioning that are laid down in the early years of your life. Few spiritual teachings focus entirely on our relationships, but the prime purpose of the Venus Sequence is to help any individual or couple understand and navigate the more challenging regions of their emotional dynamics, thereby releasing the huge current of unconditional love that lies buried inside each of us. In this first of several dialogues leading up to the Virtual Venus Retreat, Richard and Tanmayo lay out the 6 essential patterns that maintain all suffering in our relationships. Come and find out how this incredible teaching can impact your life and relationships in unimaginable ways!

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Past Event Archive

September Update

Gene Keys News Update from Richard Rudd

In this video, Richard gives a detailed general update of all things Gene Keys – what we are working on, what’s in the pipeline and some rearranging of the flow of launch plans due to the current world situation.

Solstice Meditation – Now Available for Replay

Weaving the World Together – a dreamtime journey through the animal soul of Gaia

Available in HD Audio on Soundcloud, or Live Replay on Youtube

In this uplifting musical meditation, Richard Rudd guides us deep into the collective dreaming of our planetary spirit, hitching a ride on 14 of the great totem creatures of Gaia. Dreaming across cultures and continents, weaving a magical tapestry of diversity within unity, we come to experience the inherent togetherness of all beings and lineages. Each creature, from the eagle to the lion to the turtle, is a fractal portal to a living, ancestral teaching. When taken together, all these teachings point us towards a coming quantum leap in our evolution: the leap into Homo Sanctus – the sacred human. Special thanks to Entheo Music, Russell Feingold, and the amazing contributing artists from around the world.