Featured Events

Deep Dive into Genius

Activation Sequence Virtual Retreat (July – October 2021)

Four month journey with Tanmayo Lawson & Elijah Parker

Join Tanmayo, Elijah and the Gene Keys global community for an amazing journey exploring your higher purpose in life. Travel with us on a voyage of self-illumination, to transform your shadows, activate your gifts and unleash your genius into the world! Guiding you through our best-selling Activation Sequence e-course, this retreat provides live webinars, community calls and a supportive online environment to bring the Gene Keys alive in your everyday life.

Registration closes on July 1st, 2021

Gene Keys Live – June 2021

Live on Youtube – Fridays at 19:00 UTC

Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys team continue hosting weekly live sessions this June! Bring your profiles and explore your Gene Keys together. Each week will have a new theme, and feature additional speakers Tanmayo & Elijah.

Join the Chat each Friday on on Youtube Live to ask your questions. Replays will be available after each live broadcast. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for notifications

Gene Keys on Clubhouse

Drop-in audio contemplations on iPhone and Android

New Invitation Links now available! 

For those on the new platform Clubhouse, you can find enriching discussions happening within the official Gene Keys Club. This audio-only social network is available on iPhone and Android phones and enables participants to “come on stage” and ask questions or share their stories live. If you are interested and need an invitation, you can check out the live events happening this week.

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Recently Added Programmes

The Activation Sequence

Updated online course now available

Our most popular self-study course, this exciting programme provides the perfect introduction to understanding your Gene Keys Profile. Here you will learn how to awaken your 4 Prime Gifts, the cornerstones of your particular Genius in life.

The path through your Activation Sequence is a simple, self-teaching journey that comes alive in your life as you walk it. Transform your Challenges. Activate your Gifts. Unleash your Genius into the world.

The Activation Sequence is now available in our updated system, which originally premiered in July 2020 during our Deep Dive into Genius virtual retreat. You can try the first step for free and see the new system in action!

The Gene Keys Guides Programme

Be a Beacon of Light in a Changing World

The Gene Keys Guides Programme is a self study course that demonstrates how to guide others into the Gene Keys wisdom, with a strong emphasis on embodiment. Having completed this course, you will be empowered to share any aspect of the Gene Keys that you have studied with us. This comprehensive programme gives you the creative freedom, skills and experience necessary to create a flourishing business with the Gene Keys.

The Art of Contemplation

New online course now available

This lovely little course is the perfect way to take a pause and reconnect with the heart of your being. Poetic, refined and yet eminently practical, it introduces you to the technique at the core of the Gene Keys, and indeed of all paths towards wisdom. These teachings show you how to bring the magic of contemplation into every corner of your life, resulting in a deep sense of spaciousness, calm and clarity that is so rare in our modern world.

Purchase includes “The Art of Contemplation” online text, audiobook, and step by step contemplation resources.

Past Event Archive

Gene Keys Live – May 2021

Live Q&A Sessions with Richard Rudd

Join Richard Rudd for a new series this May, live on Youtube every Friday. These will be spontaneous sessions in which Richard will respond to questions, either personal or technical, share insights, news and dive into the Gene Keys teachings, as well as our Gene Keys Profiles.

Join the Chat each Friday on on Youtube Live to ask your questions. Replays will be available after each live broadcast. Subscribe to our youtube channel for notifications and reminders.

Contemplating Reincarnation

With Richard Rudd & Chris Bache Ph.D.

Free Video Series and Live Q&A

In these three unique and inspiring dialogues, Richard Rudd and Chris Bache explore the continuity of human consciousness beyond a single lifetime. Tackling an array of interlinked subjects emerging from this theme, these profound thinkers and mystics weave a lucid picture of the deeper meaning of life and death and the evolution of consciousness as it moves through the circle of rebirth.

Venus Sequence Videos & Interviews

Free Resources on Love, Relationships, and the Gene Keys

October 2020 was filled with a series of richly diverse interviews on the subject of love, relationships and the Venus Sequence. Why not follow your intuition and pick one to watch!

Gaia Solstice Meditation

Weaving the World Together – a dreamtime journey through the animal soul of Gaia

Available in HD Audio on Soundcloud, or Live Replay on Youtube

In this uplifting musical meditation, Richard Rudd guides us deep into the collective dreaming of our planetary spirit, hitching a ride on 14 of the great totem creatures of Gaia. Dreaming across cultures and continents, weaving a magical tapestry of diversity within unity, we come to experience the inherent togetherness of all beings and lineages. Each creature, from the eagle to the lion to the turtle, is a fractal portal to a living, ancestral teaching. When taken together, all these teachings point us towards a coming quantum leap in our evolution: the leap into Homo Sanctus – the sacred human. Special thanks to Entheo Music, Russell Feingold, and the amazing contributing artists from around the world.