Events with Richard Rudd

The Glossary of Empowerment

Video Series by Richard Rudd

New videos added every day in October on Youtube and

Unlike any other glossary you’ve ever come across, this lexicon is designed as a transformational tool in its own right. Each word in the Gene Keys contains an empowerment. As you contemplate them together, so they open up pathways in your inner being, leading to a state of great vision and clarity.

Join Richard Rudd for a brand new series, as he provides video commentary on many terms included in the Glossary of Empowerment. As a special theme of contemplation for the month of October, one video will be released each day via Gene Keys youtube channel, and hosted in the resources library as a new addition to the Synthesis.

Past Events

Equinox Meditation

Live with Richard Rudd

September 22nd – 7pm (UTC) – Replay now available

Join me for a short meditation attuning us to the changing pattern at this time of year. Release with gratitude that which no longer serves, harvest the fruits of the year so far and set your intention for the times ahead…

This meditation was broadcast live on Gene Keys Youtube. Subscribe to Gene Keys youtube for notifications of future livestream events.