Gene Keys Guide

Connie Greisz

GK Profile Sessions, Empowerment, and Inspiration

An eternal student of life, and an advocate for personal empowerment the Gene Keys have helped me to more fully embody my purpose, and guide me as I continually grow and evolve in my life. They have also helped me to inspire and guide others to fully embody their power and share their gifts.

I am here to help you find and embody your personal power so that you can fully embrace and embody your unique gifts. Whether you are searching for 1 on 1 support in the Gene Keys or you are looking to connect to a community of other Gene Keys voyagers, I am here for you.

I offer 1:1 sessions via Zoom so we can meet no matter where you are. I also offer monthly Gene Keys Community Connection Session meetings both in person and digitally so we can all connect to one another and share our experiences and contemplation within the Gene Keys. There is something incredibly magical that happens when we are held safely and witnessed in our process and transformation, and that is what these sessions are all about.

I am a Certified Holistic Empowerment Coach, trained in many somatic processing techniques as well as mindfulness, meditation, breath work and many other modalities. My passion in life is to help inspire and awaken others to their own unique gifts and fully embody their inherent power. The Gene Keys provide an amazing roadmap from which we can come to fully accept, embrace, and honor all aspects of ourselves so that we can rise in our unique gifts and fully embody the light and power that we each have within us.

My journey to inspire others came at the cost of having to inspire myself and live through many hardships and traumas, so I bring a trauma informed perspective with me in all of my interactions. The Gene Keys have served to help soften the edges of my trauma as well as others, and have been such a gift in my growth and my clients’ growth.

I am honored to be able to share the Gene Keys as a Gene Keys Guide, and to help others embody their full potential and share their light and gifts with the world.

May you find your light and fully shine in all of your life!