Gene Keys Guide

Eve Hansra

Art Intuitive, Activation and Venus Sequence Enthusiast

When was the last time you allowed yourself to play from a state of pure innocence and naturally tap into your exquisite Genius? Your body is a unique expression of Cosmic Consciousness in Form. You are designed by the 64 codes of the universe to play in harmony with this great orchestra of Life.

As a devoted Gene Keys student I have discovered a new and exciting approach to the Gene Keys teachings. I lead fellow Gene Keys travellers into the transmission through a guided step by step creative process that mysteriously unlocks your heart though your own hands and imagination.

As a qualified Biofield Tuning Practitioner my sessions include sound therapy. I utilise a set of tuning forks to locate, diminish and resolve dissonance in your electrical systems. Thus allowing your body to relax and breathe more freely as you enter into an increased flow state of play and tune into the Gifts and Siddhic frequencies of your hologentic profile. This simple yet power creative process will delight you as we contemplate the medicine of your creativity, decode its messages and celebrate the magic of synchronicities.

I work with individuals, couples and groups.
Suitable for all ages and all levels of skill
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