Gene Keys Guide

Hristina Hasamova

Art of Contemplation, private retreats, shamanism

Who am I?

Above all I am a human being and a student of Life.
I was born and raised in Bulgaria, but having the spirit of a nomad and a traveller, I lived in Germany and now I am settled in Ireland since 2019.

While I was travelling through different cultures, I discovered a deep resonance with some spiritual and earth-based practices like yoga and Celtic (but not only) shamanism.
I found the Gene keys in 2020 and they are a core ingredient of my own Awakening ever since. I became a GK Guide in 2023.

Now I hold space for rituals and ceremonies such as women’s work, body awareness and shamanic journeying; GK profile sessions and private retreats.

I experience great Joy in weaving the Dream of us all, walking back Home together.

My intention is to awaken the flame of Inner Knowing in everyone of us,
Celebrating the Majesty of our Beauty,
sitting in Presence
and Listening through Love.