BJ Garcia

USA – Leander, Texas

B.J. Garcia an international teacher with over 30 years of experience in spiritual/psychological instruction, certified in Advanced Neurolinguistics, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Investigative and Forensic Hypnosis and the Enneagram. She worked with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, bringing her Enneagram-based program, Freedom Beyond Bars, to the Parole Division, state and county jails. B.J. served as a certified mediator with the TDCJ Victim/Offender Mediation Dialogue Program for crimes of severe violence. She is a certified Practitioner of Essential Feng Shui and an Ambassador of the Gene Keys. As an ambassador of the Gene Keys, B.J. is here as a guide and support as you embark on your personal voyage through the Gene Keys Golden Path. She is here to share with you all the many strands of interest and wisdom that she has collected and moved through in her own personal journey. She is here to remind you that life is rich if you know where to look and that life is short and that you can seize every moment with love and grace.

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