Claudia Ciocirlan

Eastern Europe – Bucharest, Romania

Born in Constanta, now living in Bucharest, Romania. Married and having 3 beautiful children – 2 daughters and 1 son. Previously passionate Human Resources professional for 15 years, with high international, cross-cultural experience as Talent Development Manager, Trainer, Project Manager and Human Resources Regional Lead. Have enjoyed doing HR process and systems architecture, meeting and working with gifted people and contributing to personal and team development. Worked abroad (Spain) and traveled in many countries mainly across Europe.

Came across the Gene Keys transmission in 2015, soon after a revelation received as an answer to launched Grail question: “Dear God, please tell me how may I best serve this world from now on?” “From Human Resources to Resources of the Human”, came the answer. “You’ll do Inner Human Resources and will guide people to discover their gifts and become the authors of their own story”. Soon after that, in October, Richard came to Romania where he hosted the Venus Sequence Retreat in Sinaia. And the magic began.

An active member of the Romanian Gene Keys Community and of the global Ambassador Circle, dedicated to guiding people through individual sessions and study groups which turn into small communities, thus happily manifesting GK 37 Family Alchemy Life’s Work and the 37-40 Community Channel.

On May 2018 founded HarRa Center – Service To Spirit, deeply committed to embodying the Gene Keys transmission and to expressing it through a rainbow of activities. Brings beautiful people together to encounter their inner spark and encouraging them to bring their genius into the world with valor, kindness and ease. In the warm and tender HarRa space lovingly serving the community, hosting my activities, Romanian Ambassadors’ gatherings and other Ambassadors’ events. Recently deepened the service by becoming a member of the MLM Multi-Lingual Team, hosting the Deep Dive community calls and focalising Delta teams.

Services Offered

  • Private sessions in Romanian, English and Spanish – profile reading, life coaching, mentoring
  • Golden Path Study Groups: Activation Sequence (2 months), Venus Sequence (9 months), Pearl Sequence (4 months)
  • Contemplation evenings: The New Human Series (weekly, on Friday). Practicing contemplation together on life topics inspired by the gene key of the day (The Pulse)
  • Romanian Open Call (weekly, on Tuesday). Offering free space for questions, sharing and community building
  • Mentoring Program: The Magic Wand, offered to Ambassadors. Listening, inspiring and guiding to listen the inner call and bring their uniqueness into the world through a real Gene Keys project, product or service. Individual, group sessions and final Go Live are the 3 components of the program
  • Coaching, consultancy and training services to organizations
  • Distributing the Gene Keys books
  • Distributing the Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck, Rosy Aronson

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