Costa Symeonidis

Melbourne, Australia

Costa Symeonidis is a multi-national Gene Keys Steward and Purpose Coach who has been practicing a range of modalities around the world since 2012. Starting his career in fitness and physicality Costa soon learned that results were not sustainable, nor were they deeply fulfilling if there was not an alignment with our own purpose and connection to our life’s work. After his own personal breakthroughs while facing challenges with his inner shadows, Costa discovered the Gene Keys. This is the unique work of Richard Rudd, the first student of the teaching. Only through Costa’s own experience has he understood the full potential of the Gene Keys and now brings this teaching rooted in science and the I Ching to the world to help others live the full potential defined at birth in their DNA.

Services Offered

    • Gene Keys Reading Sessions
    • Gene Keys Workshops

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Fiona McLean


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
I met with Costa, seeking clarity in a time of unrest and some uncomfortable confusion. After meeting with him, I left feeling buoyed with hope and clarity along with a sense that all is well and always has been.

During these times of political unrest, I feel I can take shelter in the deep knowing that the path ahead undoubtably will at times have “fear running down the drain” (quotes by Costa).
With much appreciation to Costa, for the most important work we can ever do – create a space of love.

Sally Friday
What a beautiful space Costa held as he so eloquently guided me through my Gene Keys and the magic they unlock within. He happily answered my barrage of questions as we delved in, and gave practical advice and techniques to further enhance what unravelled. I highly recommend Costa!
Janell Flore Bolte
Positive: Professionalism

The Gene Keys session with Costa felt like a remembering. As he presented certain themes and patterns I could feel a visceral understanding. He possesses a deep respect for the material he teaches. It resonates from him as a quiet strength and austerity.


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