Katreni B. Maticce

Moscow/ Nomad

My name is Katreni Maticce. I’ve dedicated myself to the path of embodiment and magical realism. I’ve been mastering Gene Keys as a live transmission and mechanics of the Human Design System since meeting it in 2013. I’ve graduated as an MA in Fine Arts and since then synthesizing paths of individuation, communing and contemplation. 

As a somatic practitioner, I’m part of
the community investigating into the nature of perception, movement and body via practical anatomy, touch, embryogenesis and Contact Improvisation. 

As a Spatial Poetry artist I’m weaving portals of synchronicity, 
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Services Offered

    • Individual Zoom sessions
      – Gene Keys Hologenetic profile – unfoldment from an actual situation
      – Online movement guidance in the context of the Wheel and elements 
      – Initiation into Human Design Bodygraph as a decision-making and no-fault experiment
    • Hosting Russian community calls 
    • Facilitate florescent containers: nature/city events and retreats as well as online deep dives: 
    • Somatic practice via touch, based on embryogenesis 

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