Katreni B. Maticce

Moscow/ Saint-Petersburg/ Siberia / Nowhere – now-here

My name is Katreni Maticce. I’ve dedicated myself to the path of embodiment and mastering Gene Keys as live Transmission and precision of the Human Design System since meeting it in 2013.

After my previous educations and Fine Arts Master Degree didn’t bring me where I wanted to be, I stepped into the unknown, from the conventional into the path of freedom.

While sharing my skills with others professionally or causally I enjoy wholistic healing and poetry it brings as uncompromised Self realization.

I was very fortunate to meet my body-mind through the Contact Improvisation dance, and various somatics that completely changed my perception of what’s possible to design as one’s life.

Since 2012 I am part of the community investigating into the nature of perception, movement and body via practical anatomy, touch and embryogenesis.

Synthesis and synarchic dimension of these three transmissions flower for 9 years now as a core stability in my body and heart, allowing service to the whole while sharing my own process of individuation.

Edits to Services Offered

Services Offered

    • Individual Zoom readings
      – Gene Keys Hologenetic profile as an actual unfolding of the live pattern
      – Human Design Bodygraph as a practical no-fault experiment
    • Hosting Russian community calls
    • I offer nature and city events. This initiative is inspired by the living transmission of the Gene Keys, weaving somatic practices, art of contemplation and insight into the canvas of synchronicity.
      I have been running Spatial Poetry events  in Siberia, Turkey, Transilvania, Moscow, Budapest, Berlin, bringing the knowledge of Gene keys within group dynamic, collaboration and self-practice.
    • Somatic practice through touch based on embryogenesis