Mark Bentley

Bickley, Western Australia

Mark Bentley is an inspirational speaker, life coach and avid explorer of the fragile yet exquisite human condition, with a passion for supporting his clients in remembering their natural genius and stepping up to claim the life they came here to live.

His life has been an adventure, from circus performer to corporate manager, in pursuit of a life lived on purpose. A leader in his field, Mark has mastered many tools including Human Design, The Gene Keys and the Mayan Dreamspell which he weaves into his creative empowerment coaching.

Services Offered

    • Discover Your Genius Reading: In this 1.5hr session we will embark on a journey exploring the mystical weave that represents the circuitry of the Human Vehicle you have chosen to “drive” in this lifetime! With an initial focus on laying down a framework represented by your Human Design chart, Mark then colours this in with the exquisite Gene Keys Language, bringing to life the map of the Faery Tale you are here to bring to life.

    • Integrate Your Genius Sessions: These are 1hr follow up sessions in which we use your Gene Keys Profile as a Map to explore any challenges, issues, questions or contemplations you are looking to achieve deeper insight in on the pathway to breakthrough.

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