Pia Mark

Risskov, Denmark

Pia is an enthusiastic, inspired visionary who loves to dive deep into the mysteries of the Universe, and she’s often found herself treading the path of a pioneer. She’s fully committed to be of service in this world, and as part of that commitment her path led her to spend nearly 30 years living and working within the Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland, during which time she mainly worked as a workshop and internal trainings facilitator. Pia is also a devoted mother and has a lovely daughter, now 26 years old.

Along the way she aquired a number of therapeutic qualifications, amongst others as an Advanced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. Recently she felt guided to return to her native country Denmark, where she is intending to fully support the emerging Gene Keys community.

Services Offered

    • Introductory Gene Keys talks
    • Golden Path study groups
    • Individual EFT and Matrix Reinprinting sessions integrating your Hologenetic Profile
    • Delta Guide

Contact – piamrk@gmail.com

Website – https://piamark.com

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