Tanmayo Lawson

Brisbane, Australia

Tanmayo, is the embodiment of many lineages, which guide her one on one sessions. She has the gift of penetrating to the core of any issue, peeling away all that no longer serves. Whether the seeker is looking for personal or professional mirroring, or simply opening,, the doors to the transmission of the Gene Keys, she gently and directly, opens portals of awareness so the questioner may ‘lean in’ and ground their own living wisdom and fly.

In 2004 during a powerful Venus Transit she became aware that the energy of Venus had landed somewhere specific. After many weeks of clear guidance and ‘tracking the frequency’ she found Richard Rudd, just before he gave the first Venus Sequence Retreat in Somerset, England. She was one of the first few to be called to the transmission of the Gene Keys. In the last 14 years she has committed to bringing awareness of the transmission to hundreds of people around the world in many countries.

She has been an international speaker and presenter for over 30 years. Specializing in Conscious Relating whilst living in Truth, Love and Freedom. She is the founder of ‘Integral Touch of Facial Harmony’, Gene Keys and the Five Elements , Ocean Dreaming and many others. One of her great loves is a Zen Style ‘Satori Retreat’ It could also be called the Zen Path of Love…using Koans such as ‘Who am I’, ‘What is love’ and ‘Tell me what Freedom is’, this retreat is one of the most powerful ways to break through the false core to bring direct liberation, whilst grounding the alchemical shift in a glimpse of Enlightenment.

Services Offered

    • Personal Sessions – Gene Keys Coaching, Heart of your Design with Human Design, Relationship Coaching, Blueprint Readings. Your face is a blueprint.
    • Speaking engagements and Workshops worldwide.
    • Roving Ambassador offering workshops worldwide. I love our planet:-) Belongs to a confluence of Planetary Tilters….
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