Yulia Sumithra Tarasov

USA – Phoenix, Arizona

Sumithra is an intuitive healer. She was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and got her formal education there (MA in linguistics). Her search for True Self started at the age of 15, when she read “”Autobiography of the Yogi”” by Paramahamsa Yogananda, – it really sparked a deep longing in her heart to taste and experience the high vibrations and mystic path described in that great book.

Her journey of self discovery took her to many places around the world – from Middle Asia to United States, India, and China, caused her to change many professions – from college professor, to Chi Qong and Dao instructor, singer, artist and sculptor, and finally brought her to the ashram of her Guru (Mata Amritatnandamayi Devi), where her major psychic gifts, that had been laying dormant within her being, came to the surface. Sumithra fell in love with Gene Keys in 2016, and is using it as an effective tool for of Awakening in her healing work with clients.

Passionate about Awakening process (51st GK is Purpose in her profile), she offers her help, heart and service to everyone who is thirsty to become whole, and discover True self.
Sumithra resides in Arizona, USA.

Services Offered

    • On line group “”Keys to Awakening”” (Zoom meetings once a week to contemplate on the Gene Key of the week.) In Russian.
    • Webinars ( practical tools in personal awakening process, such as: “”Activation of Four Prime Gifts””, “”Three Phases of Transmuting the Shadow””, etc). In English and Russian.
    • Quests (deep transformational journey into a Gene Key of choice that aim to transmute the Shadow and unlock the qualities of the Gift and Siddhi. Groups. On line.) In English and Russian.
    • Individual healing sessions on line and in person (understanding the root, and removal of energy blockages in mental-emotional-physical bodies. Understanding karma and healing trauma in past and present life. This is a very effective tool to expand one’s awareness and knowledge of the self, raise vibrations and transmute the shadow patterns). In English and Russian.
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