The 55th Gene Key



Welcome to a completely fresh set of wisdom teachings. The 64 Gene Keys are a brand new interpretation of a timeless and ancient code lying at the heart of our universe. In essence the Gene Keys represent the living alphabet of light that underpins all creation. Out of these 64 primary codes of consciousness have arisen all human languages and interpretations of the great Mystery. As such, the Gene Keys are not an intellectual knowledge but a vibrant high frequency transmission carrying within them the 64 codes for your awakening to a higher reality.

The 64 Gene Keys contain a contemporary wisdom that is designed to actually communicate directly with the 64 genetic codons inside the nucleus of every cell in your body. In every sense of the word, this is a living, talking manuscript whose sole purpose is to trigger a recognition within the many layers of your being, from the subtle to the gross. In this respect each Gene Key is divided into three ‘frequency bands’ known as the Shadow, the Gift and the Siddhi. As you travel and contemplate each layer of these teachings so you will begin to feel your own relationship to this spectrum of light inside yourself. Because the highest language – the language of the ‘Siddhis’ – is beyond words, you are invited to allow your whole being to listen to this knowledge, rather than the normal way in which words are read – solely through the mind. The more presence you can bring to bear as you read, the deeper the wisdom will travel inside you.

The 64 Gene Keys encapsulate a whole new transformational language for deep contemplation, and the heart of this language is communicated through the 55th Gene Key. The 55th Gene Key is the primary trigger of a new global awakening. The premise of the 55 is that it is currently preparing and catalysing a vast global genetic mutation, which will sweep through humanity in the coming centuries and give birth to a new kind of human being. The 55 is a deeply prophetic piece of writing that to many may seem idealistic or even outlandish. In many respects this is wisdom intended for future generations when human beings will have recovered more memory of their higher nature. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy reading this Gene Key and contemplating its many insights and dimensions. It is to me – and I hope it will become for many – a sublime ray of hope and wonder at the sheer beauty of the time we are living in.

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Introduction to the 55th Gene Key

Did you know that you have a unique genetic sequence that dictates the unfolding of your true nature? The purpose of the Gene Keys is to unlock this higher purpose hidden in your DNA. The greater self — the cosmic part of each of us that transcends our mortal body — has lain secretly hidden inside humanity for aeons. Because it is inside your body, right under your nose as it were, the mass of humanity has never thought to look in such an obvious place for a lasting sense of peace and fulfilment. Up until now, the inner journey has been for the select few — those bold adventurers and courageous pioneers of the inner planes. Because of this our true divinity has seemed far away from the common man, whose more immediate concern has been to survive and manage life in the external world.

All of this is about to change. As you travel through the many layers of frequency within the Gene Keys, you will begin to have an idea of how rich, how beautiful and how diverse is the journey to awakening. In the myths of all cultures, keys have been left that speak to us about the coming time of the Great Change. Humanity is feeling this change now because it is taking place now. Within a relatively short evolutionary period, the world we are living in will be transformed into a world that most of us would consider pure fantasy. You are alive at a deeply romantic moment — it is the moment in which the prince kisses Sleeping Beauty and she suddenly, fully awakens. And as she awakens the world is transformed. This Great Change is the central theme woven into every single aspect of the Gene Keys wisdom. If you are reading these words, your inner guidance has seen fit to remind you of this extraordinary prescient event, either to confirm or trigger your own personal process of awakening.

Therefore, allow yourself to confirm your own journey which has brought you to this exact point in time right now as you read these words. We human beings are following different vectors through time and space and each of our paths must at some time converge at this single point deep inside the body. There is a place inside your DNA whose sole purpose is to trigger this awakening. The 55th Gene Key describes this place, but more than that, it allows you to contemplate and quicken the actual process of awakening. The 55th Gene Key and its sister transmission, the 22nd Gene Key, embody the most potent and profound message in the Gene Keys. The 55th describes the evolutionary force moving from matter to spirit, and the 22nd describes the involutionary force moving from spirit to matter. Together these two Gene Keys capture the quintessence of the Great Change.

As you read the words and ideas behind this Gene Key, allow them to burrow into the deepest recesses inside your being. There are dormant memory codes inside you that are specifically designed to be activated and awakened by this transmission. As you allow it to penetrate you, you might like to note the feelings, thoughts and impulses that stir inside you. Even if you feel resistance to this Gene Key and its concepts and ideas, that too should be allowed and respected. Awakening is a process with its own mysterious timing and sequence. Therefore I invite you to breathe deeply, perhaps allowing yourself a deep sigh from time to time, and above all please enjoy your flight into this wonderful world where romance becomes reality…
Welcome to the heart of the Gene Keys wisdom.

The 55th Shadow – Victimisation

Indra’s Net

The 55th Gene Key and the mythical journey from its Shadow to its Siddhi truly form the heart of this entire work on the 64 Gene Keys. There is no more poignant nor contemporary note sounded within the whole genetic matrix than this odyssey through the seething underworld of victim mentality and out into the pure clear air of freedom. Of all the Gene Keys, this is the one we humans most long for and this is the Gift we will soon be given at a collective level. The entire reason behind the timing of this work on the 64 Gene Keys lies here within the 55th Shadow. It has been the theme of humanity since the development of the human neocortex gave us our capacity for self-reflective consciousness. It is the theme of the victim.

The 55th Shadow of Victimisation and its programming partner, the 59th Shadow of Dishonesty, program all human beings at a cellular level to a single effect — they ensure that every individual becomes his or her own worst enemy. There is a universal law, colloquially known as ‘what goes around, comes around’, and it is this law that the 55th Shadow fails to see. The essence of this universal law is expressed through the famous biblical axiom ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. These timeless clichés are generally interpreted as applying only to the surface of life rather than to the deeper energetics. It often appears that many who succeed in life in fact do so to the detriment of those around them. Likewise, the most innocent and openhearted people can be beset by terrible trials that appear to have no explanation. Thus it can seem on the surface that ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ has little or no substance and it is generally relegated to the realms of folk wisdom.

Because of this tendency only to see the surface of things, the mass consciousness of humanity misses one of the deepest secrets of life — on an energetic level, you truly do always reap exactly as you sow. It simply takes longer for this to become apparent in the material dimension. The highest expression of the 59th Siddhi is the quality of Transparency and as Transparency testifies, in the end you cannot hide from yourself. Thus the key to the 55th Shadow and its transcendence depends upon one factor — your attitude. It is not about what happens to you. It is about how you handle it.

Losing Attitude

There are really only two dimensions to the concept of attitude — you either behave as though you are a victim of circumstance, or you take full responsibility for your situation. Although this sounds simple, there are several layers of complexity to it. Since we are examining the 55th Shadow, we will look first at what happens when you play the role of the victim of circumstance. The 55th Shadow is located deep in the dorsal ganglia of the solar plexus, and it is about emotions. At low levels of frequency, human beings look outside themselves when they experience either an emotional high or an emotional low. We need to attach a reason to our emotional states. At the high end of the emotional spectrum, we believe that true joy is an effect rather than a cause. Because of this deep-seated belief, we spend most of our lives chasing whatever we think causes the effect of joy — it may be a perfect relationship, lots of money, fame, the perfect place to live, even our God. At the low end of the emotional spectrum, the game we play is blame. We blame anything from the food we have just eaten to our partners to the government for the reason that we feel bad.

This human tendency to look for outer causes for our moods is the greatest addiction on our planet. It is rooted in an essential core belief that we are a victims of our material reality. This core belief sets up a low frequency pattern that is reinforced over and over again. In other words, with this inner attitude at the fore, we become caught in a web of our own making. What traps us is our longing. When we are down, we long to be high and when we are high, we long to hold onto the feeling. Thus the very feelings we seek create a perpetual hunger for fulfilment that can never be attained. The addiction is the search for fulfilment, not fulfilment itself. Hence the old chestnut about finding heaven: If you ever found heaven, you would hate it because the thing you loved was the hope of fulfilment rather than the state itself.

Here we find the secret of frequency itself — it is rooted in your unconscious attitude to life. Because your true attitude remains unconscious, there is no technique, per se, to raise your frequency. All that is required to reach your ‘genetic escape velocity’ — the frequency that pulls you out of the Shadow state and into the Gift — is understanding. Understanding must dawn within you at the level of pure being — the understanding that you have become the unwitting victim of your own unconscious belief patterns. When this understanding dawns, you immediately begin to transcend the Shadow state. The great spiritual teacher Gurdjieff stated this so simply and beautifully when he said, ‘In order to escape from prison, one must first understand that one is in prison’.

Faking Freedom

As was mentioned earlier, there are many dimensions to the 55th Shadow of Victimisation. The web that holds us at a low frequency has many subtle twists and turns within it. As the saying goes, one of the devil’s greatest tricks is to get people to look for God. The trickiest aspects of the 55th Shadow concern spirituality, and this has particular significance during the current historical epoch. Spirituality itself can become the focal point of the victim consciousness because it can so easily give you the idea that you can do something to free yourself from your Shadows and your emotional suffering. This notion has led to the greatest illusion of them all — the illusion of another spiritual reality somehow outside our own sphere of experience. If we look at this notion with clarity, we see the very same pattern of the longing to find fulfilment. If you create an unattainable reality, then you can spend your whole life longing for that reality without ever having to directly experience it.

For many religious or spiritual people this can be a hard truth to stomach. True enlightenment is not what we really want at all. It isn’t exciting in the least, but is utterly ordinary. In spite of this, most spirituality is built upon the pursuit of the extra-ordinary. High levels of frequency do not necessarily lead you to ‘spiritual’ experiences. In fact, high levels of frequency tear down the very illusion that there is such a thing as ‘spiritual’ experience. In the contemporary new age culture, spiritual materialism is rife — that is to say, people now have a brand new drug called the pursuit of truth.

It is important to understand that there is nothing wrong with any of these things. If you are drawn to seek something higher, then something is pushing through you, leading you somewhere. If you follow it through to its natural conclusion, it will reveal your true path in the end. For some people, seeking is a direct path to transcendence, but for others it simply serves as a distraction that draws then further away from their true nature.

The 55th Shadow prevents the spiritual seeker from following their urge through to its natural conclusion. It does this through identifying either with the form of the teaching, or with the teacher, or with the path itself. Therefore we see three basic categories of people on a spiritual path — those who are trapped by the structure of a particular teaching, those who are trapped by the magnetic power of a particular teacher and those who are trapped by their own constant compulsion to be a spiritual tourist. All three of these spiritual traps are authentic stages of any path that will eventually lead to true freedom, but all three also masquerade as freedom itself. These are some of the subtlest levels of the Shadow of Victimisation. As we shall see when we examine the Gift and the Siddhi of Freedom, true freedom has nothing to do with how we spend our time on the material plane. True freedom is not an effect. It is a kind of ever-expanding spaciousness that arises spontaneously inside you as you come to understand how deeply victimised you really are by your own core beliefs.

The Dying of Drama

One of the greatest allures of mankind is the ideal of romantic love. In this context we are not only referring to the longing of one human heart for another, but to the ideal of romance in a wider context. This is the idea of life as a romance. The very basis of romantic love is that it can never be truly fulfilled, but must continually flow from cataclysmic dips to ecstatic swells, creating a wonderfully rich symphony of human emotion and drama. All human performance art, from the loftiest art to the most mundane TV soap opera, stands as a metaphor within the metaphor of life itself. Because of the 55th Shadow, we are all victims of life’s drama. We are caught in an incredibly intricate net woven from the strands of our pain on one side and our pleasure on the other. We actually love and hate the net simultaneously, but above all we are addicted to it, as we are addicted to all high drama.
Within your dream world and beneath the net, your greatest longing is given expression.

Under the net, you can live out your dream; you can soar, dance, weep, suffer and above all you can love. And yet, your love within the net is a deeply limited love, a love that never escapes the confines of its own illusions. Under the net, you fall in love or you fall out of love — either way, you remain a victim of your projections, expectations and inevitably your disappointments. The net cast by the 55th Shadow choreographs the ebb and flow of your breath patterns as you rise and fall on life’s melodies. Sometimes, you sink into melancholy and your whole life force seems to come to a halt — your breathing itself becomes thinner. At other times, you fly on a sudden mood swing and your heart beats faster and your breathing fills your chest to bursting. This is what we believe freedom to be. In between the extremes, melodies give way to cadences; shifts in tempo give way to phrases, notes, trills, pauses and every conceivable kind of feeling. We live our lives submerged within these waves, and there is no end to our emotional processing.

As regards the 55th Shadow, the coming mutation will trigger the end of our addiction to the drama of life and the beginning of our discovery of what true freedom really means. At its core, the 55th Shadow conceals the longing of consciousness to return to its own unity, although this is most commonly expressed as the romantic longing for the perfect soul mate. There is a wonderful Hindu myth known as ‘Indra’s Net’ in which the cosmos is seen as an infinite lattice with a jewel at every junction in the net. Within each individual jewel every other jewel is perfectly reflected. The 55th Shadow casts a veil over these jewels, thereby keeping humanity trapped within the net and unable to experience the unity of all things. With the coming shift, our awareness will finally be able to slip through the strands of the emotional net that has kept us in a state of victimisation for so long. In doing so, we will glimpse for the first time the truth of our collective unity shimmering in every one of Indra’s endless jewels.

The Solar Plexus – The Second Brain

The emotional matrix of the 55th Shadow lies within the domain of the solar plexus region in the human body. The massive complex of nerve ganglia in this area has often been referred to as the ‘second brain’. It operates independently from the cranial brain through its continual governance of vascular and visceral functions within the body. The sheer voltage of our emotional states, particularly at their extremes, far outweighs the subtle cognitive processes of reason that we hold in such high regard and which emanate from the cranial brain. Relatively little is known about the exact nature of the neuro-circuitry within the solar plexus or about its mechanics and true capabilities. What we do know is that despite our best efforts, our emotions have more power over us than our minds, and the world around us continually testifies to this fact.

The Reawakening of the Solar Plexus – The Riddle of the Aeons

Much of the 55th Gene Key transmission concerns the future of our species as it moves through the Great Change, and as such it is a profoundly prophetic piece of writing. However, one of the greatest pieces of the puzzle is actually found in our very distant past. Generations of mythologists, folklorists, archaeologists, mystics and historians have spoken of another race of human beings that existed before our modern recorded history. Indeed, all our great human myths and fairy tales are encoded with information about a lost golden age that was extinguished or lost in some form of vast cataclysm, deluge or flood. To the psychologist, these myths have always been seen as metaphorical and archetypal psychic yearnings to return to the security of the womb. But what if they are actually folk memories held within your ancestral DNA? The 55th Gene Key has much to say about this.

Although many ancient cultures have devised methods of mapping vast spans and cycles of time, one pattern holds true at the simplest and most mythical level — the trinary pattern. Every great work of art or allegorical story has at its core this archetypal trinary time-flow, which divides all human narrative, internal and external, into threes. Woven into the very structure of the human psyche is a profound resonance to these fundamental patterns. There is always some kind of initial fall from grace, followed by a journey of discovery and trial, culminating in a final redemptive victory. When we apply this mapping to the whole of human evolution we see our human story depicted as three great Aeons, vast spans of time marked by four major leaps in consciousness.

The Three Aeons and Their Evolutionary Stages

The Three Aeons and their four turning points describe the evolutionary arc of our entire planetary consciousness. Essentially, this threefold pattern describes three distinct evolutionary stages culminating in a fourth transcendent stage (a tetrahedral geometry of consciousness).

The Theory of Involution and the Seven Root Races

According to the Gene Keys, life is an interplay between two primary forces – the current of evolution and the current of involution. The way that we are trained to think in the West focuses mainly on the objective, external world rather than the inner, subjective reality. For this reason we tend to lay greater emphasis on the evolutionary current, which has become the basis of the modern scientific approach. However, many mystical and esoteric traditions from around the world have also considered life from the other aspect – which sees life as an ‘involutionary’ process in which consciousness is gradually incarnating deeper and deeper into the form, shaping our evolution as it does so. This view (known as ‘Emanationism’) holds that at every stage of our planetary and personal evolution there is an unfolding hidden purpose, which reveals itself in successive steps. As Divine life ‘involutes’, so human and earth life evolves, and as we strive upwards in our consciousness towards the higher frequencies, so we are able to draw them down into our lives on the material plane.

Within the greater pattern of the Three Aeons lies another pattern based on seven sub- stages, known as the seven Root Races. In this Theory of Involution each Root Race represents a major stage in our planetary development. In esoteric tradition, the Root Races are often seen as literal races of human beings who preceded our modern human. Within the Gene Keys Synthesis, the Root Races are viewed as the unveiling of the subtle layers of the living spirit of Gaia, our earth. In other words, from the involutionary perspective, all aspects of the form of our planet and indeed our universe are seen as being imbued with levels of consciousness, from the densest mineral to the subtlest gas. The earliest Root Races thus represent the subtlest forms of Divine consciousness as it steps down its frequency in order to enter into physical manifestation (the First Aeon). At a certain point in the evolutionary story of our planet, consciousness enters so deeply into the material realm that it forgets itself entirely (the Second Aeon). Then comes the ‘Remembering’ and the mythic return to paradise as consciousness transforms the material realm, integrating all dimensions back into itself thus completing its epic evolutionary arc (the Third Aeon).

The Seven Root Races and Their Corresponding Planes of Reality

The seven Root Races also relate directly to the seven planes of reality and the seven subtle bodies of the aura, thus giving us both a narrative and a timeline for the involutionary stages of consciousness. (For more information on the Seven Sacred Bodies and their corresponding planes, you can read the 22nd Gene Key).

  1. The First Root Race – The Polarian – Monadic Plane
  2. The Second Root Race – The Hyperborean – Atmic Plane
  3. The Third Root Race – The Lemurian – Buddhic Plane
  4. The Fourth Root Race – The Atlantean – Causal Plane
  5. The Fifth Root Race – The Aryan – Mental Plane
  6. The Sixth Root Race – The Trivian – Astral Plane
  7. The Seventh Root Race – The Pangaian – Physical Plane

The First Aeon – Preparing the Garden of Gaia

The first two Root Races, known as the Polarian and Hyperborean, represent the crystallisation of the form of the earth itself – in other words, they span the time period in which our planet actually formed. Corresponding to the Monadic Body (the ultimate source of Divinity), the Polarian Root Race represents Divine Idea or Will before it descends into form and experiences separation. The Second Root Race – the Hyperborean – relates to the Atmic body, which is the body of light. This refers to the coalescing of our planet out of the minerals and elements from the sun. This phase include the formation of the earth’s atmosphere and the gradual refining of its elements and gases until our planet was able to support life. It was during these first phases of our evolution that the constituent elements of all planetary life were endowed with subtle forms of consciousness. In some traditions these are known as the angels of the elements and the devas of the mineral realm.

The Second Aeon – The Flowering and the Fall

The Third Root Race, known as the Lemurian, represents the birth of animate life as it emerged from the waters and populated the earth. This was the Eden phase in which Divine Essence manifested its superabundance as all the kingdoms of nature. The Lemurian consciousness of our planet was and still remains a single unified being existing on the Buddhic Plane, known as the plane of ecstasy. This is also the plane of many of the Devic realms – the manifestations of consciousness inherent in all living forms. It was during the Lemurian phase that the first human beings were conceived and born.

The Fourth Root Race – the Atlantean – represents humanity before the fall. This race of human beings, sometimes known as the ‘Adamic race’ is little more than a dim memory to modern human beings. We modern humans were separated from our true source by a series of cataclysms, which have become mythically known as ‘The Fall’. The truth of this ‘Fall’ has been handed down by our indigenous cultures through their stories and creation myths, which have in turn found their way into our modern cultures and beliefs. The Atlantean Root Race and its culture and environment were completely obliterated and evolution was literally ‘rebooted’ and begun again in a new and different direction. However, Atlantean consciousness existed and still exists on the causal plane, which is the plane of the archetypes – the quantum language that lies beyond the logical mind. The original Atlantean consciousness, unlike the modern human, was centred in the solar plexus and did not experience itself as separate from the source of all life, but was the very heart and mind of Gaia herself.

The Third Aeon, The Fifth Race and the Kali Yuga

In every great tale there must be a fall. In Indian Vedic tradition, the evolutionary stages are known as the ‘Yugas’, and the darkest stage of all is known as the Kali Yuga, after Kali, the Dark Goddess of Time and Change. Our current Root Race – the Aryan – is now coming towards the end of the Kali Yuga, the epoch after the fall. The Aryan consciousness exists on the mental plane, and our main instrument of awareness is our continually evolving brain. Ironically, our greatest gift, our ability to reason, gives us the illusion that we are separate from each other and from our environment. However, the Third Aeon is about the long walk home. Ever since we fell from grace, we humans have been seeking the way home. We seek through science, we seek through religion and, above all, we seek through love.

The Great Change and the Sixth Race

The time of the Great Change is now upon us. As the Fifth Root Race prepares to give way to the Sixth Root Race – the Trivian – time itself appears to be speeding up. The Sixth Race has long been prophesied by mystics and sages. Corresponding to the involution of Divine essence into the Astral Plane – the realm of emotion and desire – the Sixth Race will bring transformation to our entire planet. As Divine Consciousness continues to descend deeper and deeper into form, it reveals its true nature. The coming epoch will see the sublimation of human sexuality and desire into unconditional love. The Sixth Race will be triggered through the 55th Gene Key and its mutation within the solar plexus centre, the seat of human emotion. The Trivian Race heralds the reawakening of this centre and will allow human beings to experience once again the universal quantum field connecting all beings. This reawakening is not a retrograde movement into a past golden age but a new integration of the three lower planes – the physical, astral and mental into their higher counterparts – the causal, buddhic and atmic.

The Seventh and final Root Race – the Pangaian – really lies beyond words. It represents the integration of all the kingdoms of Gaia into one single vibrating presence. It is where spirit and matter become one, and where the Divine monadic essence shines through the physical plane, allowing it to ascend. It is the kingdom of heaven coming to earth.

The Ending of the Trilogy and the Return to Eden

Humanity and our whole planetary consciousness now stands at its greatest threshold to date — the final phase of the Trilogy and the eventual resolution of the Riddle of the Aeons. This is such a rare event in the unfolding of consciousness that it brings about vast shifts at every level of life. What is coming seems so fantastic that our minds cannot stretch far enough to encompass such a reality. As our fairy tales tell us, the third time is the charm and always brings redemption. Indeed, all our great myths, films, romances and dramas culminate with some form of synthesis. Without this synthesis our hearts feel incomplete. It is always at the very end, when we have all but given up hope of redemption that liberation comes. It comes in a great tidal rush, playing out as a trinary pattern of testing and release that is so familiar to us that we ever find ourselves yearning for that happy ending. We yearn for it so deeply because it is stamped within the genetic structure of all life forms in our galaxy. And because it is in our DNA, our final destiny must and will be to witness the rebirth of Eden and live peacefully in the garden ‘for ever and ever after’.

Repressive and Reactive Patterns of the 55th Shadow

Repressive Nature – Complaining

The 55th Shadow of Victimisation has two main forms of expression. The repressive nature manifests as complaining. Complaining is an unconscious mindset in which one makes oneself the central victim within one’s own drama. Every time one complains, outwardly or internally, one effectively dis-empowers oneself. The repressive nature tends to complain inwardly, taking a pessimistic view of life whereas the reactive nature tends towards finding a specific external target to blame. When one gets caught in the frequency of complaining, one is caught in the net of the drama of life — the ‘maya’. The energy of the complaint itself serves to strengthen the illusion that life is so very hard. Apart from reinforcing itself in this way, complaining also causes sustained general wear on our physical organism. Freedom occurs when we see through our deepest unconscious patterns to the heart of this energetic.

Reactive Nature – Blaming

The other common form taken by the 55th Shadow is blame. The reactive nature externalises its complaints by specifically blaming something or someone else. When we blame another, we fire an arrow that removes self-responsibility for our situation. In this sense, we ‘invest’ aspects of ourselves within other beings, giving away our true power and presence. All blame is an expression of anger projected outwardly, but in this sense it is not
pure. Pure anger is a release of the primal energy of fear that may be triggered by an external source yet does not target that source. The moment one blames another, one is again the victim of one’s own drama. It is impossible to blame another for one’s fate and simultaneously realise that one is simply an actor in a play. The very act of seeing through the seriousness of life releases the energy of blame. From the reactive side, true freedom occurs when the arrows of blame are caught in mid flight before they reach their target.


The 55th Gift and Siddhi – Freedom The Spirit of the future Epoch

Contemplation of the 55th Gift inevitably leads one to ponder the future of humanity and of our planet. Over the following pages, we will look both at what is occurring to humanity now and what will occur at the time of The Great Change that lies ahead of us. In reading the codes contained in the 64 Gene Keys, of less importance are the details of the unfolding of this Great Change. Any consideration of the details can at best be based on conjecture and opinion. However, through a profound resonance with the core frequency behind this work on the 64 Gene Keys, it is possible to capture the spirit of the coming epoch. As you may begin to divine from the following pages, the ripples of this mutation will affect all corners of life on our planet.

The other factor to bear in mind concerning the coming change is the speed at which it will overtake us. In evolutionary terms, it will happen overnight although in practical temporal terms, it will happen gradually and almost imperceptibly. We are talking about a genetic mutation that will slowly colonise our species. In other words, the old human will literally be bred out of humanity. This means that very soon there will be children born among us who carry the full mutation and who will spread it through the gene pool. These children will be different from us. They will not emotionally engage with us on a victim level but will hold a high frequency that will, over time, transform the families into which they are born. We will consider their role more fully towards the end of this Gene Key.

The Release Code of Higher Consciousness

Down the centuries, much has been written, spoken and taught concerning the nature of higher consciousness. We are now entering an era in which more and more people will have direct access to and experience of true higher consciousness. Eventually, what occurs during this 21st century will spread to the entire collective and catalyse an age that even now we can only dream of. Up until now, the process of awakening has been understood and explained (except in a very few cases) at an individual level only. Teachers, sages and gurus have communicated their truths in a style suited to individuals. The emphasis has almost always been: how can I awaken?

Two main elements within this question are now rapidly passing their sell-by date. The first is the question of ‘how?’ As we shall see, the 55th Gene Key will bring an end to the question of ‘how’. Secondly, the individual element of ‘I’ will be gradually phased out by the coming changes to humanity. We are entering the age of ‘we’. Only when we have fully absorbed the truth that humanity is one collective ‘we’, will the final irony be delivered to us, as we once again become a deeply mystical collective ‘I’.

A vast and dynamic change in the form of a genetic cellular mutation is coming to human beings. It is being triggered by this 55th Gene Key and its related amino acid histidine. At a chemical level, your own body is in the process of preparing for this mutation as you read these words. The process is underway at a collective level too, and not a single human being is immune to it. At its highest level, the 55th Gene Key is the release code for higher consciousness. There are many profound implications to this process and there is a specific sequence to its unfolding. As we examine this Gene Key in further depth, we shall try to look ahead to the kinds of changes we are facing and how they may affect us both as individuals and as society in general.

The Pivoting of Awareness

Within the Spectrum of Consciousness, the linguistic matrix underpinning the 64 Gene Keys, the 55th Gift is unique. When you look down the columns of words that represent the frequencies of each Gift and Siddhi, you will see that the word for the 55th Gift — Freedom — is the same as the word for the Siddhi. This is the only place in the Spectrum that this occurs, and it has very great import. The 55th Gift is a pivot around which human awareness is launching a new faculty — the ability to travel through physical space. This development will change everything about the world as we know it. Once awareness has been set free in this way, what we have previously seen as higher consciousness will become our ordinary state. This is why the word for the Siddhi and the Gift are the same. The Spectrum of Consciousness itself will be torn open from this point, and one by one, each of the Gifts will be freed from its Shadow and will merge with its highest potential in the Siddhi. As the Shadow energy rises up to the Gift, so the Siddhic energy descends to the Gift. It is as though the genetic wheel of fortune is going to ratchet into a whole new gear the moment it reaches a specific cog in its path. This cog is the 55th Gift. From that moment on, a new force will enter the world, with new laws and new ramifications for us all.

Up until now in human history, awareness has been confined to the individual human form. We experience awareness as movement, as feeling and as thought. Unless someone reaches a heightened or siddhic state, they cannot access awareness outside of their body. However, throughout history, expanded awareness has spontaneously flowered in certain human beings, giving us a taste of our future. In a siddhic state of consciousness, awareness is the connective tissue between organisms — it is the interface between consciousness itself and the world of form. The form is the skin, the fruit is the awareness and the seed is consciousness. In the simplest terms, awareness is the key that opens the door between what we call God and man.

Heavenly Hydraulics

To understand the true nature of the coming awakening, one can find a beautiful parallel in the life cycle of the dragonfly. Dragonflies spend much of their early lives underwater. As underwater insects they are known as nymphs, and unlike most pond insects they do not have to come to the surface for air. For most of their lives, nymphs live totally underwater where they are highly successful predators, feeding on anything from leaf litter to small fish. During this stage of its life, the nymph goes through a series of ‘moults’ — stages of maturity in which it sheds its skin but still remain as a nymph. These stages of the insect’s life can last several years, and during this time it has no idea whatsoever of what kind of future lies ahead. It is undergoing a series of ‘hidden’ mutations. Then, one day, all of a sudden, some sleeping gene deep within is triggered and the nymph does something totally out of character — it finds the stalk of a nearby plant and climbs out of the water. For the first time in its life it tastes air and direct sunlight.

Once the nymph has left the safety of its underwater environment, the sunlight begins to work on it, catalysing what will be its final ‘moult’. It is at this stage that the true magic occurs, as the advanced creature hidden within the nymph cracks the outer larval skin.. Over a period of several hours, four crumpled wings appear and the distinctive slender thorax begins to uncurl. What is of great metaphorical relevance at this stage concerns the element of water. As the emerging dragonfly rises out of the element of water and prepares to be reborn into a new life in the element of air, the water that still lies within its body becomes the key to the transformation process. Through a process of hydraulics, the water within the nymph’s body is pumped into the emerging wings and thorax, causing them to unfurl and spread out for the first time. In other words, the dragonfly assumes its aerodynamic shape by means of the water from its old life. This water is what drives its mutation from nymph to dragonfly. As soon as all the water is expended and the dragonfly is fully extended, it takes to the air and begins its new life.

The life cycle of the dragonfly is a perfect metaphor for the awakening of the 55th Gift and its Siddhi. The raw energy of your emotions becomes the vehicle for the unfurling of your future awareness, and once that awareness is born, your life exists forever on a higher plane. This metaphor also shows us that as a species we must dive deeply into the emotional field where we will go through a series of mutations of which we are generally unaware. Whilst we exist in the world of emotions, we will have little inkling of the life that lies ahead of us. When the 55th Shadow finally mutates fully, the collective awakening will truly begin in earnest.

The Early Stages of the Awakening Sequence

We will examine the specific timing and sequence of this awakening at the end of the section. At present, in relation to the dragonfly metaphor, we are in the stages of climbing up the stem out of the water and into the sunlight. The world genetic stage is in the full sway of this drama, and because of this it can be a deeply confusing time.. You may already be having glimpses and premonitions of what is to come as your body and psyche becomes the battlefield for this mutative process. Particularly if you carry the 55th Gift as one of your prime Gifts, you may be highly susceptible to wild fluctuations in your normal rhythms, energy patterns and emotions. This is a deep process of integration that will last a considerable time, but that will gradually become more stable.

The early stages of the awakening are set to be the most volatile phase of the process. It is during this phase that our emotional systems are literally being broken down. Two Gene Keys are strongly connected with the 55th Gift — its programming partner, the 59th Gift of Intimacy, and the 39th Gift of Dynamism. They are also highly active in this process of awakening. The 39th Gift and its Siddhi of Liberation will challenge every emotional facet of our nature. You can see here the direct relationship between these two higher states of Liberation and Freedom. The 39th Siddhi actually provokes the final state of Freedom. Liberation is a dynamic process whereas Freedom is a release. Equally powerful is the 59th Siddhi of Transparency, which awakens simultaneously with the 55th Siddhi. You can see the hidden agenda beneath the awakening process in this Siddhi — we humans are being forced to become transparent, like the dragonfly’s wings. The 59th Gift of Intimacy is the first step along this road. We have to allow life to crack our hearts open through our relationships.

We already know that the 55th Gene Key is about romance, which is why the awakening of the 55th Gift is about relationships. After this awakening has occurred, one will no longer exist as an individual. Awareness will operate collectively. The early shattering of the sense of separateness will take place through your intimate relationships. From now on, the more you try to hide from others, the more suffering you will bring upon yourself. Every hidden agenda must be aired and destroyed. The mind’s obsessive grip on separateness must also be destroyed. This is the end of the age of selfishness. There will be many who resist this mutation, as there must be. They are not a part of what is to come and this must be respected. Through these people old energy will leave the world. There is no choice in this — it is a matter of the collective selection of appropriate genetic material for the future human.

The Vaporisation of the Victim Consciousness

As we have seen, the 55th Shadow is rooted in the notion of being a victim, and in particular of being a victim of emotions, whether your own or someone else’s. After the awakening of the 55th Gift, the concept of emotions ‘belonging’ to someone will be absurd. Emotions operate in a wave frequency and at a collective level there is only one wave, which connects us all together. That some people may generate this wave and others may receive it is simply mechanics. Like the symbol of the dragonfly, our new awareness will lift us above the dark waters of the victim consciousness, but this will not be a simple transcendence. We will not become less human in this process. In fact, the process can only be triggered by such a deep submersion into our human wounding that it becomes the very catalyst of our transcendence.

The process of awakening is a process that has long been known. It is most accurately described through the esoteric science of alchemy. In traditional Taoist alchemy, there is a secret formula known as the ‘Kan and Li’. Kan means water and Li means fire. In this alchemical formula, the solar plexus is seen as a cauldron, and emotional energy is the water within the cauldron. The fire beneath the cauldron is awareness (also known as ‘chi’), and this awareness is said to ‘cook’ the emotional energy (also known as ‘jing’). The result is a process of steaming in which a third transcendent force arises through the process. The Chinese call this third force ‘shen’, which means spirit. Western alchemy uses similar archetypes but in a different cultural way. In the west we tend to see the two forces as a man and woman within us — animus and anima. These two copulate in a mystical union giving birth to a magical child, often seen as mercury.

In the language of the 64 Gene Keys, the Shadow state is the raw material of eventual transcendence. Without diving deeply into our Shadows and freeing the awareness from its roots, we will never experience the elation of the vaporisation of the victim consciousness within us. Only on those blissful vapours can we rise above the emotional depths and surf the collective wave.

The Rising of Humanity’s Gifts

There are two main phases to the awakening triggered by the 55th Gift. The first phase is represented by this rising up of mass consciousness out of the Shadows of victim consciousness. As this occurs, we will see the world as we currently know it gradually changing shape. Up until now, only a small percentage of human beings have managed to escape the Shadow state and deliver their Gifts to the world. Only a very, very few have attained the siddhic level of consciousness. This is all exactly as it should be. Each frequency band depends upon that below and above it. In other words, the more people there are transcending their Shadow state, the more chance there is for someone at a higher level to make the leap to the siddhic level. It may take 100,000 people living at the Gift level to provide the momentum for one being to make the leap to the siddhic level. By the same token, one person at the siddhic level provides the collective frequency for thousands to escape the lower frequency of their Shadows and begin to live out their Gifts.

When a person is freed from the Shadow state, they become a creative conduit for life itself. They also begin to fulfil their true destiny within the whole. The final destiny of the whole is represented by the 50th Siddhi and the 6th Siddhi — Harmony and Peace. This means that as a person begins to do what they love to do in life, they begin to co-create these conditions on the physical plane. As a process, this may take hundreds or even thousands of years to reach its final phase. When it does, like the dragonfly, our entire planet will mutate to its next phase of evolution in another reality, represented by the 28th Siddhi of Immortality.

This word ‘Freedom’ is truly a dimensionless word. As we begin this process of transcending our Shadows, miracles can occur in our lives. Freedom is the spirit of the 55th Gift — it is the spirit of humanity. As your awareness stretches, the spirit of freedom breaks down the barriers in your life. The ‘fractal lines’ open all around you and energy that was lying choked in a certain dimension suddenly precipitates unforeseen beneficial circumstances in your life. Every aspect of your life is interconnected, so a breakthrough at the source of your being will ripple out into all areas, some that you perhaps didn’t even remember existed.

The Threefold Awakening Sequence

In Part 1 of this Gene Key we looked at the threefold pattern inherent to all universal rhythms and we charted this through the evolutionary phases of the Three Aeons and our current sub-phase known as the 333, which is the master genetic sequence for closing the Aeons. In the last 20 years or so the world has indeed undergone vast changes in its inner structure. As we move through this incredible portal known as the 333, , we can identify three distinct dates or markers that set the trajectory of the process of planetary awakening and fusion. These markers are points of shift written into the vibrational score of our evolution. They are 1987 — the Harmonic Convergence, 2012 — the Melodic Resonance and 2027 — the Rhythmic Symphony. These three phases of Harmony, Melody and Rhythm form the imprinting field for the complete restructuring of all vibrational life on our planet.

1987 – Harmonic Convergence

Much has been said of the Harmonic Convergence. It represented a crossing over point in consciousness in which an unprecedented event occurred. Triggered by a supernova within a neighbouring galaxy, 1987 bore witness to the beginning of the Age of Synthesis. A series of unprecedented celestial alignments made possible a shift in human brain chemistry, allowing us to finally perceive the unitive Truth behind all the great teachings of the ages. It is important to understand that these marker points are not events, but ongoing developmental processes. The harmonic convergence is still taking place today on many levels as huge previously separate spheres of human endeavour come together. We are now seeing the beginning of the synthesis of all the human sciences and arts, of the left brain and the right brain, of the male and the female, of the East and the West. The harmony is, as the great sage Heraclitus said, a hidden harmony, but it is now becoming increasingly more apparent.

2012 – Melodic Resonance

As the most talked-about date in recent times, there is not much left unsaid about 2012. Let us then put it in the context of this threefold awakening sequence. In metaphorical language, 1987 was the gestation period, 2012 is the birth and 2027 is the coming to fruition of the new order. The real meaning of melody is rooted in the understanding of romance. Melody is that aspect of music that catches the emotional breath and causes human beings to dream. 2012 marks the alignment of humanity as a single organism through the breath and the reawakened awareness of the solar plexus centre. Whatever deep dreams and longings you hold inside you will be seeded and locked in by this date, as we come into resonance with the heart of humanity through the reawakening of the Atlantean/Edenic awareness.

2012 also marks a dividing line in human evolution. If by this date you are not in resonance with the dream that is moving into form, your DNA will be locked out of the story. This is in fact a perfectly natural occurrence. Much of current human DNA must be phased out in order for a new form to be constructed. Therefore, over several generations we will see a great number of old patterns leaving our world. For some considerable time this means that we may have the appearance of two separate realities existing simultaneously — those who are still living within the old system and those who are building the new order.

2027 – Rhythmic Symphony

Many different mystics and ancient calendar systems have long predicted the great turning point of human evolution coming to a climax in this current age. The Human Design System, one of the great systems that laid the foundation for this work on the 64 Gene Keys, uses the 64 codes of the ancient I Ching as a kind of genetic clock to measure the timing of potential future mutations in human DNA. As a genetic clock, it predicts that a huge genetic mutation will sweep through the solar plexus system of humanity beginning in the year 2027. As such, the year 2027 is a difficult year to put into words. The coming consciousness shift will be an implosion of extremely high frequency siddhic consciousness. Certainly after this date nothing will ever be the same again.

Beginning in the year 2027, our planet will begin a gradual process of falling silent into a state of awe. Between 2012 and 2027, a core awakening fractal of humanity will lay the foundations of a new world that will reshape this planet from the inside out. Old systems will crumble as the new order arises unscathed within their midst. This time will mark the phase of recreating Eden, which never left this planet but remained as an energetic blueprint. Harmony and melody will be synthesised here into a divine universal rhythm. For the first time humanity will hear and be the virtuoso soloist in the great symphony of the spheres. At a certain point in our future beyond 2027, we will finally discover the wonder of simply being. There really will be nothing left to do on earth but enjoy the garden — something our species has not yet managed to do.


The Marriage of the Sacred Couple

As we touched upon previously, the coming shift will precipitate the end of the age of the individual ‘I’ and the beginning of the age of the collective ‘We’. There are multiple stages in this process, and the first stage concerns a major shift in the frequency of relationships on our planet. The awakening will bring many new phenomena into the world, one of which we have always dreamed of but never yet attained — the ideal of the sacred marriage. The contemporary institution of marriage is an attempt to capture this ideal on the physical plane. However, marriages and relationships until now, even the clearest and purest, have not been able to fully embody the principle of marriage at its highest potential — the actual sharing of the same aura.
In order for the ideal of the sacred couple to exist on the physical plane there must first be a melding of awareness. This is the ‘unio mystica’ or ‘conuincto’ spoken of by the alchemists. Enlightenment or realisation has always been a state that flowers in individuals and historically, the world has never seen an enlightened couple in its truest sense. We may have seen symbolic examples, and there are certainly couples who have experienced these states together for short periods of time. However, the first stage in the breaking down of barriers between these human forms will be the healing of the yin/yang split between man and woman. The ancestral pressure between the sexes is so vast that it has thus far prevented true melding.

When the first relationships experience dual enlightenment, we will know that the deepest wound of all has finally been healed — the wound symbolised by the division and fall of Adam and Eve. These sacred marriages will have an unbelievable energy field around them — in fact, they will be at the core of whole new communities. Such experiences will herald the end of sexuality as we know it today because the same genetic force that repels the sexes is the force responsible for mating. In other words, the human sexual force will gradually be sublimated into creativity and higher consciousness. Over time, this means that the population of our planet will go through a steady and consistent decline.

The ancient symbol for the 55th Gene Key is the cup of abundance or the sacred chalice. At the Shadow level of consciousness this cup is never full — one side of the relationship is always pulling and the other pushing, one needing and the other rejecting. This situation is caused because of the human tendency to blame, which creates a constant dynamic in the relationship whereby both partners drain each other.

In the human relationships that are coming, the cup is neither half-full nor half-empty. There is only one awareness in the relationship, so the cup is always overflowing. We will no longer fall in love, but we will rise in love. The great love that exists between the yin and yang will finally shatter the illusion of our separateness and release the endless font of energy from the nucleus of creation itself. Ultimately, it will be through the extended families and communities of these sacred marriages that the new awareness will spread.

The Music of Change

Many scientists have found similarities between the structure of DNA and music. Parts of DNA and protein sequences are often repeated with very minor changes. This imperfect repetition has often been likened to the compositional structure of music, particularly classical music and music from the East. The idea that the human body itself is musical is not so far-fetched. We are a delicate framework of rhythms and melodies — our brainwaves, blood circulation, heartbeat, endocrine cycles and the very fluid of our cells all breathe according to a very consistent rhythm. At an even deeper subatomic level our molecules and their atomic structures also vibrate at very high frequencies and are designed around universal geometries. Seen in this way, the human being is nothing more than a symphony of interwoven rhythms, tempos and sounds.

The 55th Gift is deeply connected to sound and the way in which our bodies and emotions respond to sound. The ageless connection between the human emotional spectrum and music is rooted here in this Gene Key. Perhaps one of the most poignant analogies between the structure of DNA and music concerns the triplet. DNA is structured in triplets made up of combinations of base pairs. The triplet is the key structural foundation of the entire genetic helix. In music, the triplet represents something quite extraordinary — it represents the pure longing of life itself. The musical triplet is always trying to resolve to another note, and in this sense it has the effect of leaving the human heart hanging in the air. This longing is exactly what is expressed through the 55th Gift — it is the longing to create more. Unlike duality, trinity is not a straight line — it doesn’t rest but repeats, always free and always fresh.

As the great change comes to human beings, the ancient fear within us will subside and we will hear a new kind of music. We will vibrate at a higher frequency that will chemically lift us free from the old genetic fears. We will become one with the music of life and experience the entire spectrum of emotions from the light to the dark, without fear and without shame. This is a new kind of music for humans — there are no paths to follow and no need for systems or structures to keep us safe. Those old ways are leaving the world. The new human being will no longer try to escape the pure longing of life within him or her. We will no longer fear true freedom because we will operate from an awareness that is beyond the mind and its concerns about the future. Ultimate freedom has nothing to do with your life circumstances — it is the freedom of allowing the self to dissolve into the waves of the ocean. It is the freedom that is born through one’s absolute trust in life.

Poetic Genetics

The highest expression of human language is poetry. True poetry captures the hidden essence of what cannot be said in words. The secret is in the rhythm, the cadence and the tonal frequency. To be a poet, imagination has to free itself from the structure of language.. Likewise, the true nature of humanity cannot be caught or homogenised into a logical framework. Our true nature is wildness, and it is this wildness that scares people. The moment you think you have pinned life down, it mutates. We humans are in a deep process of transcending the mental game of trying to understand life. The ancient Indian sages called the world we inhabit ‘maya’ — an illusion. Our problem has always been that we try to understand this maya through an instrument (the mind) that is bound by laws that prevent true understanding. You cannot use an instrument within the maya to understand the maya.

This new awareness in humans will bring an end to so many things. One such ending we will witness will be the end of the question of ‘how?’ As a species, we will no longer be obsessed with intellectual understanding. This will also mark the end of the spiritual seeker. We will no longer fix our awareness on our structures and systems. We will no longer hunger at any level. Like the poet or the musician, we will enter into the mystery itself. Humanity is actually at the very early stages of transcending our genetics. As our consciousness begins to rise up on the pure awareness of our emotional system, we will finally see through the veil that has long held us captive. Once we are free from our minds in this way, we can truly create great poetry of our lives. We are entering into an era of great beauty — it will be a transcendent era in which creativity will rule and life itself will be experienced as art.

The Possible and likely effects of future genetic mutation

As we transit into this coming phase, particularly in the years and centuries following 2027, there are many things about the world that will change. Because of the nature of mutation, there will be sudden quantum leaps that are followed by long periods of integration. All change on a social level takes time and some of these phases may last hundreds of years.

Physical Changes

The secret of the 55th Gift at a physiological level lies in a single element — salt. Salt has long been known for its purifying properties and its ability to leach toxins from the body. Every single cell within your body contains salt, and its balance within the body is a major key to health. Everything connected to this 55th Gift is rooted in its literal and metaphorical relationship to water. As we learned through the 32nd Gene Key, water holds memory. When your emotions become really intense, you release memory through the salt in your tears and/or sweat. What is beginning to happen to humanity now, and what will become more and more intense, is a process whereby ancient memories are being chemically released from our bodies. Heightened emotional awareness will gradually draw the toxic genetic memories out of the human form. At a physical level, this will occur through your sweat, your tears and your urine.

In the same way that seawater evaporates to leave behind its salt, so human beings are going through a process of evaporation and distillation. At a chemical level we are beginning to change. A new network of neuro-circuitry in the solar plexus is superseding the reptilian fear-based neuro-circuitry of the old brain. As the 59th Siddhi testifies, human beings will gradually become more transparent as the body no longer produces the old chemicals created by fear. With the closing down of certain chemical processes associated with the hindbrain, the body’s needs will radically change. Without the toxins created by fear, the body will need far less salt, and it will become much less dense.


As the human body’s need for salt decreases our digestive system will begin to mutate. This is after all a solar plexus mutation. The body will not only stop craving salty foods, but will actually reject them outright. This means that gradually humans will stop eating meat, and we will certainly not be able to tolerate the high salt intake provided by modern processed food. As our children inherit the mutation through their DNA, they may well be born will a physiological allergy to salty food and meat. All these changes are the result of the mutation and will come in their own time. During the current transition period human beings actually require even more salt than usual in order for the toxicity of the past to be collectively purified. This is the hidden reason behind the current worldwide revolution in processed food. Nature knows exactly what she is doing, and we should take heart from this.

Digestion is rooted in the mineral realm — in the way in which the body uses and dissolves trace elements from food and water. In the future, in a totally new way, we will become highly efficient at drawing and combining the elements from food. The mechanical means for this will be through our moods. In other words, our bodies will tell us exactly what we need to eat and when through the medium of our mood. One of the most likely effects of the mutation will be that we will simply not feel hungry as often as we do now, with the result that we eat far less. Added to this, our bodies will begin to find other means of absorbing higher frequency food through air and sunlight. Eventually, far down the road when the final pieces of the cosmic chess game are in place, the 6th Siddhi will flower within the collective, making our skin totally translucent, thereby allowing us to live purely on light.

Emotions and Decisions – The stilling of the wave

Some of the most radical changes to humanity will concern the emotional system itself. Presently, human beings are victims of the whims of their emotions. Their decisions are out of harmony with their true nature, creating a collective energy field of chaos. As the mutation takes hold, what we now call emotion will have a completely different role. It will no longer be experienced as emotion at all. It will be a means of communication. The people in whom this mutation manifests will not be caught in the emotional drama of life. They will still feel every single nuance of the emotional environment deep within their bodies, but their awareness will ride on top of these waves instead of being lost within them. The result is that they will feel extremely calm, and one of the ways in which they will be recognised is through the peacefulness in their eyes.

Every person carrying the mutation will effectively still the wave in his or her environment. As more and more people are born into this awareness, their collective presence will slowly tune the rest of humanity to a different dimension — a dimension of endless clarity and stillness. This will also deeply affect the way in which human beings make decisions. Decisions will no longer be subject to the shifting patterns of emotional chemistry. Decisions will emerge instantly and with great clarity as the collective chemistry across the planet becomes calmer. Such decisions will no longer ‘belong’ to individuals but will emerge directly from the harmonious nexus of the collective itself.

The process of the stilling of the wave will ultimately lead to an era of world peace. As a metaphor, this process is akin to an orchestra warming-up before a concert — all one hears is a cacophony of different tones sounded on different instruments at random. This is the current state of humanity. When the mutation arrives, the conductor taps his stick on his podium until every instrument is silent. Only when silence has been attained can we hear the hidden harmony that is the true nature of humanity.

The Environment

Many people today are very concerned about the environment of our planet and the great damage that is occurring due to the huge pressures of globalisation. Before we look at the good news that lies ahead of us, it is important to understand why humanity currently appears to be causing such damage to itself. To understand such things one has to look at the bigger picture. The planet is our greater body, and just as the physical body of human beings is going through a genetic mutation, so is all life. All of life is a delicate network of interwoven threads. It is not possible for one species to undergo a major mutation without affecting all other species.

Our current generation is the sacrificial generation. Our collective body is purging humanity of its ancient toxins. From the dietary level, we have seen that the west in particular has such a high salt intake that a huge swath of the population is obese. Fat is the fuel of mutation, and this mutation is leaching out the collective Shadows of humanity. Stress is another symptom of increased activity through the solar plexus. Mutation puts the physical vehicle under great stress. At every level of society the ancient human wound is being expressed — through business, government and the environment itself. This is the true meaning of the myth of the flood. The flood is coming, and it will separate the Gift consciousness from the victim consciousness.

Global warming and pollution are classic expressions of the human wound seen on a broader level. These kinds of phenomena represent the last raging of the victim consciousness, with the earth herself playing the role of victim. There is enormous collective fear surrounding the issue of what we are doing to our environment, but the irony is that if humanity were not in the grip of this world mutation we would inevitably destroy ourselves. The rising of the 55th Gift as a physical genetic mutation is literally creating a new species. As our spirit settles and our awareness allows us to experience unity with each other, we will also experience unity with all creatures. The new awareness will particularly connect us to animals in a direct way, since their awareness already functions collectively. Although they carry different genetic equipment, their true nature is that of the 55th Gift — Freedom. Not only will we stop eating animals, but for the first time we will experience ourselves as one with them. In everything we do, freedom will play the central role.

A major key to the future will be the huge decrease in human population that occurs due to the shift in frequency of the emotional/sexual apparatus. The busy world we see today will fall silent — huge tracts of the earth will be reclaimed by wilderness. The sense of space and freedom that is the essence of our planet will return. As we have seen, the nature of freedom is wildness. We will not have to do anything to heal the planet. There simply will not be enough of us to do harm, so nature will find her own wild balance. The animals will be free to roam, the plants and forests will be free to spread and blossom, and man will be free to enjoy simply being alive. The very force that has driven man to where he is now — the force of fear — will be gone.

As we said earlier, it is always difficult to foresee the details of what life will look like in our future. What we can see is the spirit of the age. It is more than likely that man will continue to harness the incredible technology he has thus far created, and with the rising of our inherent gifts, we are bound to improve on it exponentially. The future will not be a retrogressive period of going back to our primal roots. It will be more a co-creative stewardship of nature. In essence, human beings have always been gardeners, and that is really our role on this planet — to complete the beauty of nature by adding our own spirit to it.

The real work of transmutation at a planetary level will be done by the oceans. All the toxins created by man will find their way into the water cycle and over time be purified by the salt within the world’s oceans. Once again, one can see the elemental power that lies behind this 55th Gift as well as the mystical meaning behind the coming age of Aquarius – the age of the water-bearer.

Future Technology and the New Science of Synthesis

When contemplating humanity’s potential future technologies and their use and effect on our world, we should bear in mind that the coming mutation will directly affect the way we think. Since our primary awareness is shifting to the solar plexus area, all future insights and breakthroughs in science will come from this awareness rather than from our logical mind. This will entirely change scientific approach. Instead of beginning with doubt and then working to resolve that doubt through scientific method, we will begin with certainty and use logic to confirm and deepen that certainty. This will give birth to a new era of science and technology, and the future science will be a science of synthesis. Science will work hand in hand with art, music, mythology, and psychology and, of particular importance, it will be rooted in the physical structure and understanding of the body.

The central axis of all future logical systems involved in this grand new synthesis is sacred geometry. Geometry is the central organising model that allows the human mind to correlate all patterns within the holographic universe. For example, it is now being shown in advanced physics that the geometry of the 64 is not only present within the tetrahedral structure of DNA but also underpins space-time itself, as well as being the foundation of music. With the help of advanced computer technology, we can now generate highly complex models of our universe using the laws of fractal geometry. Using this geometry it will become possible to unify all the sciences and arts into a single integrated cohesive whole. Such a synthesis can only be made possible through mass collaboration across a wide variety of fields of expertise.

With our awareness opening up within the solar plexus, the new physics will set off in a completely new direction. Our most bountiful natural resource is the sun, and it will likely become the true source of our energy. One of the great western sages of the last century, Mikael Aivanhov, spoke of future humanity becoming a ‘solar civilisation’. In the hologram of the universe, the reawakening of our own inner sun in the solar plexus will have its reflection in our technology. It is a universal law that our external findings mirror our inner development. This statement has even greater implications for our future. As we transcend the very structure of our own DNA, we will break free from the gravitational pull of the lower frequencies. In science this will be reflected in the new technologies such as plasma physics, which will shortly enable us to transcend physical gravity and bend time and space.

The new science will begin to take humanity into a future that at this moment may well seem like science fiction. Once we have technologies that harness the powers of gravity, we can travel outside our solar system and begin to explore our galaxy and universe. This will mark the phase in which earth finally becomes a player in a far wider field of intelligence than we currently comprehend. All these breakthroughs are in fact much closer than most of us dare dream. More than likely the technological foundations will be laid for this completely new epoch of humanity’s story in the first half of this very century.

Government, poverty and money

To grasp the future social structure of humanity you need to have a clear understanding of the nature of fractals. (You can learn more about this subject from a thorough contemplation of the 44th, 45th and 49th Siddhis. Each of these concerns the different levels of change that will revolutionise the way human beings interact on a collective level.) It is evident that humanity will eventually become linked together by a single pervading spirit, in much the same way that we are linked together today on the material plane through the Internet. The creation of the electronic World Wide Web is a precursor of what is to come at a genetic level. The nature of this human spirit is freedom, which means that freedom will become the only real human agenda.

As the human spirit becomes free, another critical Gene Key will flower collectively — the 50th Gift of Equilibrium. This Gift is one of the most important in terms of how human beings serve and support each other. Through the 50th Gift, humanity is slowly being brought into a state of cosmic harmony. At a social level, the presence of this Gift in different societies and racial groupings will bring about a new kind of order. This Gift will precipitate the gradual demise of corruption and crime. This means that fitting assistance will be move between the developed countries and the less developed countries and the problems of poverty eventually will be overcome.

The future of money can also be seen quite clearly through an understanding of certain Gifts and Siddhis — in particular the 45th Siddhi. Money is essentially a physical expression of victim consciousness. It represents human fear. Our relationship to money is therefore our relationship to fear. There is nothing that reveals a hidden agenda more quickly than the subject of money. Nearly all money, given or received, carries a hidden ‘charge’. Only money that is given or received unconditionally has no charge attached. As money is handled in a cleaner way, it will become energetically laundered and manifest one of the great cosmic laws — that to give is to receive. The most successful businesses of the future will be based upon the 45th Gift of Synthesis. These kinds of businesses will no longer be based on competition and fear, but will be transparent and highly efficient. Greed and fear are actually highly inefficient.

As the highest aspects of the 45th Siddhi come into play, money itself will eventually come to an end. When this finally occurs, it will be the greatest symbol of true freedom that our planet has ever manifested, and it will inspire a worldwide celebration the like of which has never been known. As we have seen, this 55th Gene Key is a part of the codon group called the Ring of the Whirlwind. Together with the 49th Gene Key, it will cause dramatic changes at all levels of our society. Interestingly, this codon ring codes for an amino acid called histidine, which is released during physical orgasm. The whirlwind moving through the human genome can indeed be likened to a collective orgasm — a spiralling force of consciousness that ripples through the body of humanity, taking us to higher and higher levels of unity and ecstasy.

Death, Medicine and the Siddhic Supernova

Freedom is the only true medicine of the future. There are many levels of freedom, but the ultimate freedom is freedom from believing you are separate from life. The coming awareness through the 55th Gene Key heralds the absolute end of the fear of death. In fact, the 55th Gene Key does more than end this fear — it proves that there is no such thing as death. This fear of death actually lies within the 28th Shadow, which has a deep connection to the 55th Gift. As the 55th Gene Key mutates, so will the 28th Gene Key, at least to the Gift level of Totality. The secret to optimal health lies here in the 28th Gift because it is about the free flow of life force through the physical body. As we humans transcend the old fear, life force will once again flow through our bodies unimpeded. The sheer power and vitality of this energy carries enormous healing potential, and it will literally eradicate all the diseases that riddle humanity.

The true nature of illness and disease is rooted in this core fear of death. With the uprooting of this fear, we are truly entering into an age where medicine will be superfluous and will slowly become defunct. Naturally, as the old diseases are purified, some of them may mutate and even become more widespread for a period of time. This process will probably last several hundred years. True healing is connected to our ancestral DNA, and in order for a single person to be in perfect health, their entire genetic lineage must be burned clean. This cleansing takes place through the presence of the Siddhis, as they manifest in the world. Every time a Siddhi manifests through someone, it sends a shockwave of purity back down the entire genetic fractal line. People who bring the siddhic frequencies into the world also take into themselves the collective Shadows of their ancestral lines.

We stand on the cusp of a siddhic supernova. The number of those in whom the Siddhis are manifest will very shortly increase in the world as a great incarnation takes place on the physical plane. This incarnation represents the third aspect of the Holy Trinity — the Divine Feminine spirit. However, this incarnation will not be a single being — it will be a collective spirit using a specific constellation of beings, each occupying a ‘core fractal’. (For further detailed information on the role of core fractals you can read the 44th Siddhi.) The process of the incarnation of the Divine Feminine will last many generations but its final result will be the purification of all the fractal lines throughout humanity, resulting in the burning up of the collective ‘karma’ stored in human DNA and the eventual eradication of all disease on the physical plane.

Children and Education

The final area we will look at is in many ways the most important of all. It is our children who hold the future in their hands. Many of the young children coming into the world today are carrying the seed of the future mutation in their blood. It will be their children who give birth to the new awareness, beginning around the date 2027. One of the amazing things about children is the clear and innocent way in which they process the emotional wave. Our current generation of children really reflect the chemical changes that are to come, and their emotional nature in this sense is quite unique. These are children whose emotional swings or physical manifestations should not be seen at a personal level, but at a collective level. Of course, these children need to be given the usual boundaries that any parent gives a child, but with a greater sense of freedom as well. The mutation is coming to our emotional system and as it moves through our chemistry it will tend to throw up erratic behaviour patterns and unpredictable emotional phenomena. The real key is for parents not to assume that there is something wrong with their children but to give them even more love and to be extremely patient.

As for the children of future generations, some of them will carry the mutation and some will not. The mutation will appear all over the globe. It will not be difficult to spot those who carry the new awareness because they will not display the emotional symptoms we usually associate with young children growing up. Parents will find a new kind of peacefulness emerging within their families simply from having one of these children in their home. All these children will display unique gifts from an early age depending on their hologenetic profile and their Prime Gifts.

One of the great changes these children will bring will be to the education system. Because their main centre of awareness is located outside of their brain, they will appear exceedingly bright. Once the mind is transcended true genius emerges. Their method of learning will be closer to osmosis than repetition, and their memory will be extraordinary. One might have the impression from all of this that these children will be very vulnerable within our existing society. However, this is not true. Because of their gifts, they will not require special treatment or schooling. On the contrary, they must integrate into normal life. Wherever they go, they will draw the experiences to them that allow them to further enhance their gifts. Their strength derives from their very transparency. They will be moved by a force so powerful that it is beyond our current understanding. It would be impossible for such children to ever feel alone or victimised.

The presence of these children throughout society will reveal the limitations of existing educational systems. One of the practices from our past that may very likely make a comeback will be the system of apprenticeship — where children with specific talents become apprenticed to specific teachers and learn about life through the world rather than from behind a desk. At every level, the 55th Gift of Freedom will make itself known. For a child, freedom is about play. It is through play that a child learns about his or her world. Thus it is likely that the children of the future will no longer be sent to schools at an early age, but will be given the amount of space they needs to truly flourish.

As these children grow up, they will initiate the first great pulse of the new epoch into the world. It is therefore imperative that they are fully integrated into the existing social structures of the planet. Many of them may become teachers themselves, or doctors, lawyers, business people and other ‘normal’ professionals. Because they can feel life at a holistic level, they will be able to introduce subtle reforms that create a ripple effect at all levels of society. Everything they touch will become more efficient. These will be people who hold absolutely no fear within their system, but can sense the fear in everyone else. This level of empathy will make them masters of relationships. Slowly and imperceptibly, these children and their children’s children will transform our planet. As was mentioned earlier, higher consciousness is literally going to breed the victim consciousness out of humanity.


All of the above is an intuitive exploration into the archetypal codes contained in the 64 Gene Keys as seen through the lens of the 55th Gift. As such it contains the frequencies of our common future rather than the specifics. It is the frequency lying behind the entire work on the 64 Gene Keys that is of prime importance. There are those who resonate fully with these frequencies and those who do not. This book is written for those of you who do resonate with such higher frequencies. Everybody has within their being a barometer of Truth, and this manifests in different ways within different people. If you have felt the breath of truth within these words then you are one who is ready to dive deeply into your own shadows and own them fully. Freedom comes at a price, and that price is transparency. You must own every negative feeling and tendency within you and take full responsibility for it. You must draw back the subtle arrows of blame, and you must locate every hidden vestige of fear within your being and embrace it without fear.

Once you are transparent and truthful with yourself and others, this seed of the future awareness can take root in you. Even though it may not be present in your genetics as a physical mutation, you can still resonate strongly to the energy field behind it. Furthermore, if you are open hearted and humble enough, this awareness will inevitably awaken within you, and it will use your life as a launching pad to soar into the skies of freedom and prepare the ground for the true world of high romance that is to come.

I hope you have enjoyed digesting the above transmission. If it has a deep resonance inside you, I would like to invite you to journey further into the matrix of these new teachings. The 55th Gene Key is just the beginning! Please take the time to visit our website at and join your energy with us and become part of a powerful and loving communion of beings whose sole mission is to bring about a new world and a new Eden!
in love,

Richard Rudd

The Above transmission is taken from the ‘Gene Keys – Embracing your higher purpose’, available on

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