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The Art of Contemplation

The greatest potential of the Gene Keys is to awaken a powerful new creative impulse inside you, and as you follow this impulse you begin to witness the emergence of your genius.

The central technique that makes this possible is the Art of Contemplation. Contemplation is something of a forgotten spiritual path. Unlike meditation, it does not completely bypass the mind, rather it uses the mind in a playful way to open new inner pathways inside your brain and body. It is through sustained gentle contemplation on the Gene Keys that we can affect subtle changes in our biochemistry and experience the magic of transformation in action.

A Gentle Path to Wholeness and Harmony

Our Art of Contemplation Audiobook course offers a simple and elegant introduction to the technique at the core of the Gene Keys, and indeed of all paths towards wisdom.

Following each chapter of the book, this online course shows you how to bring the magic of contemplation into every corner of your life, resulting in a deep sense of spaciousness, calm and clarity that is so rare in our modern world. One of our most popular and accessible teachings, this is a great place to begin your journey into the Gene Keys.

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