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The Golden Path

A Voyage of Self Illumination

The Gene Keys are a voyage of Self Illumination – that is, you are the inner traveller and these teachings are like a labyrinth of living wisdom that come alive inside you as you explore them. One of the best places to begin your journey into the Gene Keys is by getting your free Profile, purchasing the Gene Keys book and then signing up to the Golden Path Program. These 3 resources are all designed to fit together – the book will be your map (outlining the territory) the Profile will be your compass (your specific orientation) and the Golden Path provides the narrative of the journey itself:

The Gene Keys Book – your map
The Hologenetic Profile – your compass 
The Golden Path Program – your journey 

The Golden Path Self-Study Program

The Golden Path Program is our most popular series, as it invites you to explore your Hologenetic Profile in depth, showing you how to integrate its insights into your daily life. It is divided into 3 Parts and is arranged in simple sequential steps. It consists of texts, guidance, audio meditations, videos and webinars. It’s one of the best ways to begin your journey into the Gene Keys and follows on naturally from this Introduction Course.