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Your Hologenetic Profile – Overview

Your Gene Keys Profile

Your Gene Keys Profile is the beginning of an epic journey into the depths of your soul. Each Gene Key in your Profile is a portal of transformation that can be activated through the power of contemplation. To fully understand your Profile you are recommended to explore the Golden Path Program - a guided journey that shows you how to apply this wisdom to your life.

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Uncertain about your Time of Birth?

We suggest starting with noon (12:00 PM). Your time of birth may not always have much effect on your Gene Keys Profile. It depends on whether you were born on or near a changing cusp. If in doubt, you can do several Profiles and try a range of times (e.g., early in the morning and late in the evening). Then compare the Profile report (especially looking at the Gene Key numbers) and see if there is any difference. If there is a difference, then you can read and contemplate the information given in the Golden Path Program and the Gene Keys book and trust your intuition to find the best fit for you. The Gene Keys are neither astrology nor are they a traditional profiling system. Each Gene Key and its line is a touchstone for a process of inner transformation, therefore it is not necessary to be too fixated on the system itself. The power of this work comes from your willingness to own your own Shadow patterns and your ability to envision your life at its highest frequency. [Close]
About Your Privacy
Your privacy is important to us we do not hold copies of your profile or the birth data you put in - it is all created on the fly. The only thing we capture is your name and your email to put on our mailing list - but you are free to unsubscribe from this at any time. Your details won't be sold or passed onto anyone else. If you are concerned about security of revealing your name and birth details, then you can always choose to not put a name in the name field (all it means is that your PDF Profile won't have your name on it). [Close]

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