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Ankya Klay

In memory of Ankya Klay December 2022

Ankya Klay was an inspiration and dear friend to many. Her devotion to awakening and love of the Gene Keys community and teachings took up a special place in her heart. We honor and remember you. 


A message from Ankya Klay

My wish is to inspire you to see your world through a different lens! …and for you to see that beauty of Nature reflected in yourself – simple and true – that She may feed your soul each day too. These images come to you direct from Mother Earth guiding me… 

“Wherever Beauty looks, love is also there…” ~ Rumi

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand and Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an Hour”  ~ William Blake

Originally from Europe – Norway, the UK and Switzerland – I now live in the beautiful northern rivers of New South Wales, near Byron Bay, Australia.

I have been an artist/creative all my life – hand-weaving, silk painting, sculpture and ceramics and in more recent years photography – as a nature photographer, graphic artist and natural portrait photographer.

I draw from my many travels around the world, my deep love of Nature and also many years working as a Shiatsu therapist, exploring the wisdom of the body.

In recent years I have been blessed to discover the Gene Key transmission and to become a Gene Key Ambassador and Guide.

Not surprising then to find that Beauty and Unity and the love of Nature feature prominently in my GK Profile!  Trust that your design and destiny have always been there, imprinted in your DNA, from the time of your birth.

Bridging worlds – the seen and the unseen, ancient wisdom and the magic of contemporary technology.  What links us all is our connection to the earth, wherever we find ourselves on this beautiful planet.  Loving the earth in you and in me is how we heal together.  

Just imagine you can ‘image your world now’?  What world would you like that to be?  Just open to what you will see, its all part of the mystery, of you and me…

Lets choose to be Free!

Thank you to Rosy Aronson and the Dream Arc team for sharing some of my designs and poems here with you.   I wish you well in your journey with the GK animal realms.  This has been another discovery for me – that 2 or 3 of my favourite ‘animal’ friends throughout my life, actually feature in my GK Profile !  Meant to be.

Below you can find links to my various online sites, should you wish to explore more:

http://www.AnkyaPhotography.com (portrait photography)

https://ankya-klay.pixels.com  (nature photography)

http://www.imageyourworldnow.com (writings and poetry)


Instagram: @ankyaphotography

‘Round Love’ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4mFz9akfyk